Employmentcheck is our online system for DBS
and Basic Disclosures. Operating across the UK,
we offer customers over 13 years’ experience in
the Disclosure and Barring field.


About Employmentcheck

Employmentcheck is a customised online solution for Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS checks) that enables you to enjoy a fast application, ID and submission process. It has been designed to maximise the number of checks you process a year, as well as to save you time and money.

We take pride in putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s our systems development sharing model, our professional and dedicated help desk or our quick and easy implementation process, everything has been designed to be efficient and tailored to you.

Employmentcheck Staff Members

What We Do

E-Bulk Solution

Our customised e-bulk solution is designed to support Registered Bodies who process 1,500+ DBS Checks per year. It is a quick and compliant system that offers full control over your disclosures and operates completely online.

Umbrella Body Service

Whether you need an enhances or basic DBS check, Employmentcheck's Umbrella Body service lets you experience more accurate applications with faster disclosure results. Using our quick and secure e-bulk software, we can countersign and submit multiple applications on your behalf, saving you valuable time and paper.

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