Case Study

Cantium seamlessly switches Kent County Council to remote working during COVID-19


Kent County Council (KCC) is one of the largest councils in the country with responsibility for providing more than 300 public services including education, transport, strategic planning, emergency services, social services, public safety and waste disposal. They are responsible for over 450 buildings and over 10,000 employees.

Business Problem

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in the UK during March 2020, many businesses needed to switch to a remote working model almost overnight, to ensure social distancing was observed. In usual circumstances, approximately 500 of KCC’s employees work remotely on a day to day basis. In the face of this crisis, this needed to increase to over 5,500 employees. It was imperative that these employees could mobilise to a remote working model seamlessly, to ensure the council’s critical frontline services continued to be delivered unaffected.

COVID-19 Remote Working (2)
COVID-19 Remote Working


As part of KCC’s transformation planning with Cantium, the capability for remote working and the core infrastructure to support this were already in place. When social distancing measures came into force, Cantium worked in partnership with the Council to support these 5,500 employees in their move over to remote working swiftly and effectively. We achieved this with no ICT outage or failures, meaning KCC’s service delivery was unaffected. We also deployed numerous additional devices to enable remote working and increased KCC’s remote working resilience and structure.

Cantium have been implementing employee access to the systems they needed via Azure AD application proxy. Team meetings continued with the use of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. During this time, Cantium have also delivered several new technologies to the council – including the rollout of Office 365 functionality to support remote working.

Employees facing connectivity challenges were supported with the use of Anywhere SIM by Cantium MiFi and handsets. Anywhere SIM by Cantium is a Mobile Virtual Roaming Network Operator, roaming across all the major networks in the UK and providing coverage across over 99% of the country.

Whilst the pandemic continues, Cantium are supporting KCC with their strategic initiatives to further enable secure remote working.

The level of service Cantium have provided during this unprecedented challenge has been second to none. Due to Cantium’s expertise in enabling remote working and business continuity, KCC’s workforce have seamlessly extended its ability to work remotely without issues or system failure. Our employees have felt supported and confident in moving to this new model, and most importantly, have been able to continue to deliver critical services to the citizens of Kent.

Andy Cole

Head of Technology Commissioning and Strategy, Kent County Council

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