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Kent County Council stay connected with lone workers to protect their health and safety

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The Challenge

Not one signal network provider can provide reliable connectivity across Kent. Cantium SIM is a “roaming” SIM that automatically connects to the strongest available mobile network and therefore provides excellent connectivity in even the most challenging of circumstances. Through our testing and due diligence, we have proven that Cantium SIM offers the best connectivity across Kent.

Flavio Walker, Head of Health & Safety at Kent County Council, is responsible for the entire health and safety management across the Council which includes lone workers and personal safety arrangements. Flavio needed to source a solution to ensure lone workers in Kent libraries could stay connected and safe in their workplace.

In recent years, libraries are increasingly being used as meeting points in addition to their main purpose of book and media borrowing.  Additionally, many libraries are now staffed by a single employee. This has resulted in some circumstances where the health and safety of lone workers in libraries could be at potential risk. This includes situations where the lone worker requires an instant response.

Kent County Council needed a reliable and responsive solution that would enable the protection of these lone workers whilst ensuring connectivity in all locations.

After trialling the Cantium SIM, we realised that the coverage that we got from it was the widest that was available. We were reassured that when the button was pressed, we would get a speedy response, which would hopefully deesculate a situation quickly and efficiently.

Flavio Walker

Head of Health & Safety, Kent County Council

The Result

To answer this challenge, Cantium provided a bespoke solution to protect lone workers in accordance with KCC’s Health & Safety Executive. Library lone workers were provided with the Cantium Footprint device. This is a small, discreet device containing a Cantium roaming SIM. It features a single button to trigger an alarm call, text and email. It offers 2-way communication if required and its location can be tracked via GPS.

A single press of the button provides immediate contact with a response centre who swiftly act in accordance to need. This monitoring and alarm response centre is included as part of the end to end solution we are providing to KCC.

If a library lone worker is facing a situation where they feel their health and safety could be at risk, a discreet press of the button will immediately enable the response centre to listen in to the situation and dispatch help as required. This solution offers peace of mind to the lone worker that they can be easily and instantly connected to help or assistance at any time.

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