Image of laptop with social network graphics - Social Media Profile: 5 ways to boost it and reach more people

Social media has become an essential part of everyday life for individuals and businesses all over the world. There are around 3.5 billion active social network users to date, according to the Global Digital Report 2018. This figure accounts for 42% of the world’s population, meaning that social media channels form one of the largest mass marketing platforms that are available to companies. From social media powerhouse Facebook, to quick-fire photo-sharing platform Snapchat, there are many unique marketing opportunities for both local and global organisations alike. This article provides just a few helpful tips to increase brand awareness and ensure that you are utilising your social media profile effectively.

Use Hashtags to boost your social media profile

All the big-time social network players use the hashtag function. By grouping a keyword or phrase with a #, you can search for a unique topic across platforms which see millions of new posts each day. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to target a certain audience, or for individuals looking to engage with a subject of interest. This is an important marketing feature across all digital channels, as posts that include a hashtag tend to have double the interaction as those without. Hashtagging really does help to communicate with a target market, boost engagement (with both the post and publisher) and attract a segmented audience to your company’s profile.


This one may sound like a no-brainer but make the most of those social media channels and connect with others. A lot of the time it really is all about who you know. Although Facebook is predominantly used to interact with friends and family, sites like Twitter and LinkedIn in particular, are perfect for connecting with other users. It may seem like an invasion of some sorts but many business professionals welcome new connections, this is the best way to build new contacts, maintain relationships and drive sales for your organisation.

Publish Regularly

It is one thing browsing on social media and adding new people to your contact list, however, it is another to be able to engage and interact with them. Sitting idle on these sites will only get you so far, stand out from other competitors and make yourself interesting and relevant to discussions. Publish content to your profiles, this can be in the form of blogs, news articles or anything that will generate discussion around your own news feed. Users who engage with their audience drive greater volumes of traffic through their page and with greater traffic comes greater awareness. Join the discussion and choose relevant or even ‘trending’ topics to talk about and upload it onto your profile. As the saying goes, ‘opportunities don’t come knocking on the door’.

Post Interactive Content

Extending from the previous point, make sure the content published is interactive and catches the eye of your target audience. Twitter highlighted that content published on their site which included a video was six times more likely to be retweeted. Instagram has also supported this trend stating that video consumption is up more than 80%. These are substantial figures for companies to take into consideration when looking to market or boost their reputation through social media. The recent rise of emojis has also increased content views. They provide a more visual opportunity to publish content rather than just words on a page, which doesn’t stand out amongst cluttered news feeds.

Use Added Features to boost your social media profile

Most social media platforms have extra features, such as Facebook’s Business page and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Facebook Business is ideal for companies looking to monitor ongoing campaigns and set goals for their employees. The measurement tools are a great way to establish targets and monitor progression to ensure that a business is performing at an optimum level. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an essential digital platform for organisations in the sales and marketing sector. Sales Navigator allows individuals to tailor their search for other profiles, which may be set to brands or individuals. By filtering through criteria, Sales Navigator provides marketers with the opportunity to interact and establish connections with the relevant target audience. This is perfect for driving awareness towards the appropriate audience, as well as the amount of time it saves to allow for increased productivity.

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