Did you recently receive a calendar from Cantium Business Solutions? You may be wondering two things – What is the Cantium Calendar? And why am I receiving it? In this blog, you will find out what the Cantium Calendar is all about and why it’s the best calendar you’ll receive this year!

The History

Since 2014, Schools’ Personnel Service has been serving all schools in Kent & Medway with their annual calendar. Primarily, the calendar acts as a way to remind you of important dates in the school year, whilst also showcasing our photography competition for all school aged children in Kent, which has been running since 2015. The winning photographs are displayed in the calendar for everybody to see with a unique theme; this year the theme is colour.
Since the beginning, we’ve been getting you thinking and having fun in school, by figuring out the answers to our puzzles and riddles. Though we’re still confused as to why his horse’s name was Friday, we know that you still love solving problems, and this year you’ve got 12 pictograms and brain teasers to figure out the answers to!
With the launch of Cantium Business Solutions, your calendar gives you the opportunity to learn more about us and our services, including:
Schools’ Personnel Service
Staff Care Services

The Cantium Calendar

You’ve received the Cantium Calendar because you’re a customer of one of our services, or because you have received the previous Schools’ Personnel Service calendar.
The 2018/2019 Cantium Calendar includes information and testimonials about our services, pictograms and brain teasers. You will be able to find the answers to these at the end of the relevant month on the @CantiumSolution Twitter account.
We hope you like the changes we have made and look forward to the yearlong opportunity to learn more about Cantium Business Solutions.

The Future

Now that you know everything about the Cantium Calendar, we hope that you will get involved in solving our brain teasers and pictograms; do you know the answers to September’s puzzles already? You’ll be hearing more from us as we continually show you how we can provide insight focussed solutions to your problems and support you.