New year's resolutions on a notebook and wood number 2019 with christmas tree on wood table and copy space

When you hear the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions,” we’re often all guilty of thinking along the same lines of losing weight, eating better and getting organised. These are all common personal New Year’s resolutions. However, resolutions do not have to be confined to our personal lives, you can also create impactful resolutions for your work life. A resolution, after all, is a decision to bring about a positive change.

Get organised

How much time do you spend every day looking for specific files or combing through email archives?

A report shows that it’s probably longer than you think: employees spend almost 20% of their day tracking down information. Take a little time on the first day back in the New Year to get rid of unneeded digital content now will help you save time later. Unsubscribe from emails you don’t read and unfollow social media channels that no longer inspire you.

Just like that file cabinet at the back of the office, your inbox is probably flooded with old emails. Sift through your emails and delete what doesn’t need to be there anymore. You’ll feel that little bit lighter every time you log in.

Personal development

It’s all too easy to get stuck in our daily responsibilities and tasks. Sometimes, we forget how important it is to gain new skills for long-term success.

A great way to build confidence is by setting a goal; this could be to read A career related book/blog, take a class, or why not aim to attend more professional development events throughout the year. Whether it’s taking a class online or attending in a more traditional setting, make sure you’re setting a goal that’s achievable to avoid any end of year disappointment.

Don’t eat lunch at your desk

Sometimes, it’s hard to pry yourself away from your computer or desk — even when it’s time for a much-deserved lunch break.

And while eating lunch at your desk can sometimes feel like a necessary move, it’s been found to have potential negative impacts that you may not even realise; from sore joints, to strained eyes. Even more so sitting at a desk for eight hours straight without taking a break can make you foggy-headed and in turn less productive.

Don’t be a hero: Take at least 15 minutes at lunch to walk around, clear your head, and eat a healthy meal before getting back to your desk feeling refreshed to work away the remainder of the afternoon.

Make new connections

Networking can sometimes feel like a chore. Some events can feel awkward or forced. And, for introverts and people with social anxiety, it requires even more effort.

It’s easy to go through the motions at work, participate in conversation while making a coffee, fulfil work-related social obligations then go home and relax. Meeting new people in your industry is what keeps you sharp, up-to-date and connected.

In 2019, go to industry events, have your friends in the industry introduce you to their friends, support others in their professional endeavours. It’s as simple as making friends in your own industry. Get out and go meet new people.

Go after those opportunities

Often, we limit ourselves by setting restrictions on the things we can and cannot do, whether it’s convincing ourselves that we need a degree for “that job,” or that a project isn’t worth putting yourself forward for because we think we don’t meet all the project requirements.

For 2019, it’s time to cast off these self-limiting beliefs and go for those opportunities that might not have done otherwise, what’s the worst that could happen?

One thing to take away for 2019 is that small, simple changes lay the pathway for those big changes. Start small and build on what you achieve, as you improve yourself and your quality of work over the course of the year.