Sitting within the Commercial department at Cantium, our Solutions team are dedicated to providing the best customer experience for our clients, right from that first initial contact.  We had some questions for them to help you get to know them better!

What does your team do?

Here in the solutions team, we have two goals in life. Goal one – promote and inform customers about our fantastic range of back office support services. Goal 2 – Deliver a tailored insight-driven business solution that meets the customer’s needs.

We begin by identifying potential customers who would benefit from the packages that we offer. Once our customer is engaged and has expressed their interest, we take them on a personal journey to ensure that they receive a tailored solution that is right for their organisation.

Of course, in Solutions, we must sell the products and services, but we don’t leave our customers isolated after the final handshake. We are passionate about seeing our partners thrive and will assist them towards driving improvements, efficiencies and savings, to transform their business for the better.

What does a typical day look like for the team?

After the kettle has boiled and we have enjoyed our morning brew, it’s business time. Laptops are fired up and we start by responding to any emails that we may have received either late the night before or from any early birds the following morning. Remote working plays a huge part in what we do here at Cantium. Some of our team may be conducting webinar conferences, meeting with future partners or assisting on our sales line. All our team will be engaging with existing or future customers alike. It may sound cliché but, in our department, there really are no two days which are the same.

What is your team’s proudest achievement?

We are proud of the team’s quick reaction to identifying customer requirements. This allows us to establish and push products out to market in under six months. As a result, Cantium can remain competitive by maintaining and delivering the latest products and services, keeping our partners moving forward with the highest level of support.

We identified that GDPR was going to be a hot topic for our customers. Because of this it was evident that greater support and knowledge of this new concept was going to be required. Consequently, we looked at the market and secured a product, that offered support to our consumers through the form of interactive training and the delivery of informative events. Since the introduction of GDPR, we have assisted over 500 businesses by implementing our innovative products and services tailored to support them with this new policy.

How does your team reflect Cantium’s values?

Talking to customers everyday helps us remain connected and informed on the topics and services that matter to them. You are always guaranteed to find a member of team on the phone whenever you pop over to say hello. We love to chat but, more importantly, we are great listeners.

We use valuable insights and feedback to match each organisation with a service that is the perfect fit for them. We also understand the importance of a fast yet efficient service to be able to adapt and resolve any issues, queries or barriers that businesses may need to overcome.

These traits allow the solutions team to take you on a personal journey by providing the highest level of support that enables businesses to achieve their goals and perform more efficiently.