'take more breaks' insight image
The below insight has been written by Mark Scott, CEO at Cantium Business Solutions: 

With millions of people now working from home, many will be unsure about what is expected of them during the working day. As a long-time advocate of remote working, my advice to employers is to encourage your employees to take more breaks than they might typically do in the office.

As I have said in previous posts, remote and home working is not as easy as it may seem. Indeed, even more so if home working has been forced on you without any preparation for the culture shock.

Taking regular breaks and exercise is important in any working day; however, when working alone, it is even more critical. Taking time out to do something you enjoy is even better, it will relax you and ultimately make you more productive.

For me, it is playing the guitar. I get a vast amount of relaxation by merely stopping for a few minutes and knocking out a few chords. I also read with interest that the major art retailers, Cass Art are inundated with online orders for painting and drawing equipment. This is a good sign. Reverting to a hobby or passion is therapeutic and will help relieve the stress that many people will be experiencing during the current disruption.

It could be anything from knitting to singing, or silversmithing to reading, go and do it. If you don’t yet have a hobby, now’s the time to try something new, it will pay dividends.

So, all employers should be saying to their staff, take more time out during your working day – no strings attached. It will ultimately make your disparate workforce far less stressed and much more productive.

Mark Scott is a seasoned campaigner and long-time advocate of remote and home working. Looking for some tips on improving your home-working routine? Read his recent insight here.