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LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals to share their ideas and views on business and the world of work.  With a community of over 500+ official LinkedIn Influencers there are plenty of profiles to draw inspiration from.  We’ve compiled a list of ten influencers you should follow for their unique and thought-provoking business insight.

Ian Bremmer – President and Founder, Eurasia Group

Eurasia Group is the leading global political risk research and consulting firm.  With a network of experts and resources in 90 countries, Ian Bremmer, Founder of Eurasia Group is a prolific thought leader and author.  Follow him as he shares his views on politics and economies.

Liz Ryan – Founder and CEO – Human Workplace

As Founder & CEO of Human Workplace, Liz Ryan shares her views on modernising employment laws and humanizing the workplace. Ryan’s followers often share their stories and questions with her.  Follow her for a refreshing take on workplace problems.

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister, Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada shares information about business and economic ideas.  Whilst his Government’s policies directly impact the everyday lives of Canadians, his views and ideas attract a global following.  Follow him to hear more on his business and economic policies.

Naomi Simson – Founder Red Balloon

Naomi Simson, founder of Red Balloon, shares insight on what drives successful businesses and careers.  Simson is a “Shark” on Shark Tank (the Australian equivalent of Dragon’s Den) and thrives on helping businesses find commercial success.

Nicholas Thompson – Editor-in-Chief, Wired Magazine

Nicholas Thompson shares his views on technology and how it continues to change the world.  As Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, he shares the stories that capture his attention and has a daily video series where he dissects the tech stories of the day.

Lex Sokolin – Global Director Fintech Strategy, Autonomous Research

If you are obsessed by all things Fintech (cryptocurrencies, AI, robo-advisers for instance) then Lex Sokolin is the one to follow.  He talks about how these emerging trends are transforming finance.  Away from the day job, Sokolin is a visual artist who uses automated code and digital editing to create his images.

John Eades – President & CEO, Learnloft

If you are looking for new leadership strategies or inspiration then John Eades, President and CEO of Learnloft is a great one to follow.  Eades shares content from inspirational leaders and aims to inspire people to think differently about what leadership means.

Carson Tate – Managing Partner, Working Simply

Carson Tate’s LinkedIn profile describes her as “Productivity coach, business consultant, pro-organizer & spiritual butt-kicker all rolled into one!”.  She has consulted and trained executives at Fortune 500 companies and aims to ignite personal transformation.

Joah Spearman – Founder & CEO, Localeur

Follow Joah Spearman as he reflects on his entrepreneurial journey.  Spearman gives an honest and inspirational account of his rise to success and is a must follow for those looking to embrace their own entrepreneurial spirit.

Molly Moseley – SVP, Marketing and Client Success, LinkUp

Molly Moseley’s blunt and straightforward approach provides a challenge to workplace norms.  She encourages her follows to question their approach to working life from pointless meetings to working on holidays.

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