Christmas Office desk table flat lay with computer wireless keyboard, mouse, smart phone, blank notebook, mini Christmas tree, pine cone decorated on table. Top view with copy space.

Wouldn’t it be great if no one had to work over Christmas?  Unfortunately, the reality is that the world doesn’t stop anymore, so many people have to at least pop into the office at some point over the festive period.  Some people even enjoy working during this quiet period of the year.  Whether you love it or hate it, we think there are some positives about being in the office over Christmas.

1. No Traffic

Forget battling through the traffic to get to the office, fewer cars on the road over the festive period means you can get to work in no time!

2. Free parking spaces

After breezing through the journey to work, you find a normally overflowing car park looking significantly emptier.  The time you gain on the journey and parking could be spent at the local café treating yourself to breakfast.

3. Everyone is always in a good mood

Believe it or not, the festivities mean that, even if you are at work, most people are still feeling jolly from all the Christmas fun or have exciting plans that they are looking forward to.

4. Time to get organised

Work can be so busy it is great to have some time to get yourself organised.  Get your files in order, update your LinkedIn profile; you’ll find you have time to do all those jobs you never normally get the time to do.

5. Leftover chocolates

In the run-up to Christmas, the office is often overflowing with Christmas chocolates and goodies.  With fewer people in these leftover goodies are up for grabs, they wouldn’t last until the new year anyway!

6. Guilt-free snacking

On the subject of food, if you are working over Christmas, no one is going to judge you if you hit the biscuit tin hard.  You’ll need to keep your energy up after all and you can worry about healthy eating resolutions in the new year.

7. The phones are unusually quiet

If you work in an office where the phone never stops ringing, you will no doubt appreciate the lull that you get over the Christmas break.  They might not stop altogether but fewer phone calls mean more time to focus on the jobs that normally get put off.

8. You can catch up on emails

Along with the phones, the constant stream of emails tends to ease off at this time of year, giving you the chance to finally clear up your inbox.  Get those emails filed away, clear out your junk folder, either way, you will be ready for the influx in the new year.

9. Bonding with teammates while working over Christmas

With fewer people in the office, those who do come in can feel an immediate sense of comradery with those around them.  You might even find that you speak to colleagues that you wouldn’t normally.

10. Break from Christmas chaos

Even the biggest fan of Christmas must admit that the holidays can get a little bit chaotic at times.  After weeks of Christmas shopping, parties, drinks and family get-togethers, a little bit of normality can be a very welcome change and a chance to recharge before the New Year’s Eve celebrations begin.


If working over Christmas is something you don’t have to do, spare a thought for the colleagues who are holding the fort in the office for you!

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