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Human resources is a department that you rarely notice when things are working. When in a fully-functioning, supportive corporate environment, it can be easy to overlook the dedicated team that runs it all.

But when something goes wrong, a lack of a trained and developed HR department can be felt throughout the business.

If you’ve been getting along just fine without a skilled human resources department, then you may not see the need for HR training. However, when you allow tailored HR training to support your workplace culture, you’ll notice a huge improvement in things like efficiency and employee happiness.

Read on to find out more about why your business should invest in HR training.

What is HR training?

The HR department can often be an underrated part of a company, supporting both employees and the business itself. HR offers a supportive role to your team and organisation, and HR training complements that service with either additional support or as an extension of the human resources department.

HR training will work with the human resources team you already have in place, providing strategies and education tailored to fit the needs of your business. HR training can also offer support for employees, helping to foster a workplace culture that ensures all members of the team feel happy and motivated in their occupation.

5 Advantages of HR training

Tailored HR training can support new, established, and even growing businesses. HR is an area of skill that many managers often lack, and a knock-on effect of poor human resources can be felt throughout the business, which is why it’s important to get it right.

With HR training that is tailored for your business and employees, the entire culture of the workplace can be overhauled for the better.

1. Drive employee development

HR training is an opportunity to develop employees, helping them to build new skills and progress through the organisation. Doing so can increase their efficiency and help grow employee confidence. The result will be clear in their improved output.

By driving employee development, you also reduce the need for employee supervision. With HR training, new starters are able to quickly reach a place where they can work on their own, freeing up supervisors for other tasks.

2. Improved workplace culture with Mental Health First Aid Training

We all recognise the importance of first aid in the workplace, but Mental Health First Aid Training can be neglected.

Mental Health First Aid Training ensures there is someone in your organisation who can recognise the signs of distress, and foster open conversation. With this training, you can create a healthy and supportive atmosphere, boosting employee enjoyment, increasing productivity, and fostering a space where employees can thrive.

3. Reduced employee turnover

High rates of employee turnover waste time and energy for any business, and doesn’t help to create a supportive environment. HR training will not only provide employees with a space for discussion and learning but also for improving their own work. This increases the chance of obtaining promotions, presenting employees with better opportunities and more reasons to stay.

HR training should also include induction training, helping new members of the workplace to feel comfortable in the organisation. An immediate sense of inclusion and a welcoming environment can motivate employees to immerse themselves in the role, and view themselves as an important part of the business.

4. Increased GDPR compliance

All businesses must conform to the General Data Protection Regulations, and good HR training can ensure your organisation is meeting requirements. Data protection courses will make sure all your staff are up-to-date with regulations, and aware of their responsibilities surrounding customer data.

By ensuring this compliance, you save yourself time and effort in both the short and long term. Avoid any unpleasant shocks from accidental information mismanagement, and ensure your staff are competent and aware of their responsibilities.

5. Better relations between management and employees

A supportive HR team has benefits that can be felt across the business, from the highest level of employee, to those just completing onboarding. HR training can increase employee engagement, helping them to immediately feel a part of the team. In turn, the employees feel cared for and supported by management, building an environment of trust.

Find A Bespoke HR Service And Feel The Benefits

Successful HR training can develop the culture of a workplace, improving both performance and well-being among staff.

For an effective and tailor-made HR learning strategy, contact Cantium. We can partner with your organisation to create an HR service that complements your business.