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Episode 18 – Addressing the changing attitudes towards work

The 18th Episode of “Work Is Not A Place’. the podcast from Cantium Business Solutions is an interesting conversation between Fred MacAulay, Cantium’s CEO, Mark Scott and Gill Nye, Cantium’s Executive Head of HR.

The trio discusses the changing attitudes towards work and the emerging realisation that people need, and want to, meet face-to-face. It’s an open and honest discussion about what this means to organisations and what changes are required to ensure staff are engaged, productive and happy with new working arrangements.

The podcast also explores the challenges with the current job market and what businesses need to do to attract and retain good talent. The team also discuss the possible need to train (or retrain) people to be in the workplace. This includes a review of personal development and responding to the new expectations of the workforce.

This Episode will be helpful to all businesses that are bringing the workforce back to the office with some valuable knowledge and experience sharing from the team at Cantium.

Play Episode 18 here:

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