Woman sitting down and working from home.

Mobilising the Workforce – Host Fred MacAulay is joined by Cantium Business Solutions CEO, Mark Scott, Executive Head of HR, Gill Nye, and Director of Strategy, Nick Hunter.

In this initial podcast of Work Is Not a Place, the team discuss how they have mobilised their entire workforce of 500+ staff to work from home. They chat about how they have addressed the various issues that had to be considered when moving people from the structured environment of the office to working remotely.

While Cantium has been long-time advocates of flexible working, they have identified the need to work with the whole team to help them adapt to an enforced and prolonged period of working alone at home.

It’s an interesting insight into how they are monitoring the health, wellbeing, and productivity of the workforce, and how they are learning more about the strengths and motivating factors the drive their personnel.


Work Is Not a Place – A new series of podcasts dedicated to home, mobile & flexible working

Remote working has been forced upon millions of people in the UK, and for many individuals and businesses, it is a new experience. Our new series of podcasts, Work Is Not a Place, will explore all aspects of home, mobile and flexible working.

We will look at the practical and cultural differences of working alone as opposed to in the workplace, and how best to adapt to a new way of working.

We will also explore a wide range of topics and the things that need to be considered from practical, cultural, and compliance perspectives. There are also many benefits to remote working that create opportunities to provide a better work/life balance for employees. At the same time, employers can reap the benefits of attracting and retaining better talent.

The podcast will feature Chief Executives, Directors, Senior Management, HR, IT and Strategy experts who will discuss their experiences of creating a sustainable approach to flexible and remote working.