Mark Scott

Episode 10 – The CEO’s perspective

In Episode 10, Fred MacAuley and Cantium CEO, Mark Scott chat about the previous nine topics. A lot has happened since the podcast launched three months ago; so, they took the opportunity to review the discussions so far and to explore what they have learnt during this initial period.

Mark begins by talking about the learning process around online meetings and making the staff comfortable with a new etiquette that accepted dogs barking, doorbells ringing and kids having the odd walk-on part. He explains how, regardless of unfamiliar working conditions, productivity has risen, and overall performance has improved. Key to this was the attention paid to staff wellbeing and leading by example, admitting it was okay to feel stressed, but putting in place a network which supported them if they were feeling pressured.

Technology has played a key part in a successful period of remote working and Mark explains how their IT infrastructure enabled them to make the transition to homeworking, and what further investments are planned to strengthen future flexible working options.

Mark also provides his views on the future of exhibitions and conferences and what Cantium are doing to develop relationships and build the business. Indeed, he cites a useful example of how they have onboarded a client during the period and how this experience has opened up new opportunities to provide better options for clients in the future.

It is a positive conversation that demonstrates how the business has progressed and how they will use the experience to become an even better business. Greater options for staff will create a better work-life balance, and clients will benefit by being able to access a bigger pool of talent more quickly. Indeed, the business will also benefit by drawing talent from further afield, and onboarding them remotely.