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Episode 11 – Changing insource to outsource

In Episode 11, podcast host, Fred MacAuley welcomes back Cantium‘s CEO, Mark Scott and their Head of Strategy, Nick Hunter to talk about the increasing demand for outsourced back-office services.

As businesses grow, naturally, the requirement for back-office services increases; traditionally, there has been a tipping point when many companies realise that outsourcing some services is a more efficient way to control back-office costs. However, now, in many cases, the cost is not the primary driver for outsourcing; increasingly, flexibility is a deciding factor. During a period when the only certainty is that uncertainty will be around for the long-term, it is essential to be agile.

Mark, Nick and Fred explore how Cantium is reacting to the changing needs of their clients during this extended period of flux.

They explore how open and transparent communication is the key to finding the optimum working model for each client. Now, the service offering is influenced by the client’s risk appetite and their precise requirements at any given time. They also explain how throughout the relationship, the ability to increase and decrease resources as and when required is a significant motivating factor.

The conversation highlights the blurring of the lines between insourced and outsourced personnel. When most people are working remotely, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish who is outsourced and who works inhouse. Ultimately, this is a good outcome where all personnel are playing their part as members of the team.