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Episode 12 – Returning to the office environment

In Episode 12, Fred MacAuley joins Cantium CEO, Mark Scott, and Executive Head of HR, Gill Nye to discuss returning to the office environment. Government guidelines update continuously in response to the current spread of the virus; but even so, Cantium is looking to the future and planning for the new working environment.

The discussion explores both the physical and emotional elements that need to be considered to provide a safe, engaging and collaborative environment in the future. The team accept that recognising and accommodating the individual needs of each employee whenever possible is crucial; however, they also point out the need to balance the health of the workforce and the health of the business.

It’s an interesting and open discussion about the role communication plays in ensuring the management team know what the staff need and want; but equally, for letting the staff know what management is doing to support them. Mark and Gill explain why they believe leaders must provide the tools that enable the workforce to be agile, and why employees need to take ownership of the new circumstances and be respectful and supportive to one another and the business.

Inevitably, recent events will have a permanent impact that will require a rethink of some of the people policies; the team chat about how these changes will aim to maximise the positive aspects to come from the pandemic to create a better working environment for everyone.