Young man using laptop at home

Episode 13: Making cyber security part of the everyday conversation

In this episode, Fred MacAuley is joined by Cantium CEO, Mark Scott and Nick Hunter, Cantium’s Head of Performance Assurance & Governance. The topic is around data protection and the need to create a culture whereby data security and an awareness of the ongoing risks become part of the subconscious — the team highlight why data protection needs to become part of everyday conversation.

With much more data being gathered for track-and-trace, and the many people working remotely, there is a need to make everyone aware of the added risks of data breaches at this time. However, as businesses inevitably move towards long-term agile working arrangements, they need to review their current data security to minimise the additional risks when operating with a disparate workforce.

The team talk about the need to make employees aware of their digital footprint and how to spot potential attacks; moreover, what they need to do if they do become the victim of an attack.

They also discuss how to replace the conscious and subconscious reminders about security that staff would typically experience in the controlled environment of the office. All-in-all, it’s an informative discussion on what is an increasingly important topic.