Work Is Not a Place - Episode 14

Episode 14 – Cyber Resilience: Buzz words or business culture?

Episode 14 is an engaging and highly topical conversation with podcast host, Fred MacAuley, Cantium’s CEO, Mark Scott, and Justin Torgout.

Justin is Director of The South East Cyber Resilience Centre. As an experienced Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), having managed large scale investigations and as an accredited Kidnap & Extortion manager Detective Superintendent Justin Torgout has 25 years of policing experience.

Justin outlines the purpose and objectives of the Cyber Resilience network and highlights how they work in partnership with regional Policing, Academia, Businesses, Third and Public Sector organisations to deliver various cybersecurity services.

The conversation explains why many businesses, even small retail operations, are cyber businesses and susceptible to online attacks. This highlights the need for greater awareness throughout the SME community about the potential to be disrupted by an increasingly active cybercriminal community.

Mark and Justin share their thoughts on what needs to happen to make the cyber issue an everyday consideration and why it needs to become part of all companies’ business culture.