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Episode 15 – Taking positive action in the face of adversity.

In Episode 15, Fred MacAuley is joined by Cantium CEO, Mark Scott and Matt Johnson, Director at Cantium’s sister company, KCS.  The business is a procurement business primarily involved in education. It comprises nine different brands that provide education supplies, recruitment, print and a frameworks service. Also, they offer education supplies to British overseas schools in 86 countries.

The conversation explores how the pandemic has impacted their operation as schools moved to a home-schooling environment. They also chat about how they worked closely with Cantium to resolve the disruption of a recent cyber attack.

KCS has played a significant role in the support for front line services. Matt explains how KCS deployed their logistics experience and resources; initially, with PPE provision, and more recently working with the Army, the Council and the local community to set up and supply COVID testing centres.

Matt talks passionately about the impact their recent activities have had on the staff; the pride with which his team has reacted to the demands and the fact that they are doing something positive in fighting the pandemic.

Mark, Fred and Matt talk about how the Group’s response to the pandemic highlights the benefits of a Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo) and the reason why they exist, which is to deliver profit with a purpose.

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