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Episode 16 – Waiting for mental health legislation, is completely missing the point

In the latest episode, Fred MacAuley chats to Cantium CEO, Mark Scott and Cantium’s Ross Miller, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Services. They discuss staff wellbeing and how Cantium is striving to make it part of the everyday conversation in the workplace.

Ross explains the resources and training that has been put in place to enable management and staff to support one another during a stressful period. Much of the conversation revolves around educating people to be aware of their stress levels and that many things affect our ‘stress container’ capacity. And when accepting that they are stressed, they need to be confident there is no stigma attached when they seek help.

With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health issues, it is an important topic that all business leaders need to address. As Mark rightly points out, “if you’re waiting for legislation to force you to address the topic, then you’re missing the point”. Leaders must accept that stress-related issues exist in all businesses, and proper management of mental health issues is critical, not only because it is the right thing to do, but effective management will ultimately result in greater productivity.

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