Video meeting between colleagues.

Host Fred MacAulay is joined by Cantium Business Solutions CEO, Mark Scott, Executive Head of HR, Gill Nye, and Director of Strategy, Nick Hunter.

In this episode, the team focus on productivity and how to get the best from a team while working apart. They chat about the nuances of video calls and how to deal with the missing body language that we unconsciously read when in physical meetings. In addition, the highlight the need to create thinking time in preparation for meetings and reflection time afterwards.

They also look at how to measure productivity and performance and some of the things that you can do to ensure staff members are being recognised for their efforts. Also, how you deal with the onboarding of new staff and make them feel part of the team, even though they haven’t physically met.

Again, it’s an interesting and honest discussion about the benefits of empowering personnel to make their own choices about work/life balance.