Young man uses handsfree headset to work from home

Episode 3 – Technology

In this episode, Fred MacAuley is joined by Mark Scott, CEO at Cantium and his colleagues, Mark Harris, Executive Director for IT, and James Young, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture.

Obviously, technology plays a pivotal role in enabling a remote and flexible work culture.  Choosing the right equipment is essential in creating a consistent experience regardless of whether the user is in the office on desktop or working remotely on a laptop or mobile device. The team discuss the main challenges and considerations in order to provide the correct balance of security and usability.

They also explore the issues with connectivity and the benefits of using Anywhere SIM technology to provide a better and more stable solution. The team also chat about cloud computing capacity and how well cloud service providers have coped with the recent increase in demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 3 is an excellent insight into what technology issues need to be considered when enabling staff to work remotely.