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Episode 4 – Information Governance

In this episode, Fred MacAuley is joined by Cantium CEO, Mark Scott, James Young, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture, and Nick Hunter, Director of Strategy.

The team are focusing on Information Governance and looking at what you need to consider to protect data when adopting a remote working culture. They look at how you create the correct balance between security and usability and the need to continually reinforce the messages that ensure employees remain vigilant about security.

They explore the collaborative tools that help to convey the correct messages, and that reduces the need for paper output. Throughout the discussion, they reveal tips that assist the workforce, such as using second screens and creating a ‘safe environment’, even within the home.

It’s an interesting discussion with valuable information about best practice in information governance, especially when employees are increasingly working out of the office environment.  This goes beyond the use of office machines and looks at some of the threats from smart devices in the home and the need to be aware of where data is being stored.