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Episode 5 – Mobility redefines geography

In Episode 5, Fred MacAuley is joined by Mark Scott, CEO at Cantium, Brett Smith, Associate Director, and Nick Hunter, Director of Strategy.

This session explores how connectivity is breaking down geographical barriers. Whether in sales or recruitment, the ability to operate remotely offers many opportunities for organisations to widen their location targeting. So, how will this impact current strategies and in what way will these new online relationships differ from the traditional face-to-face relationships?

Also, what does the future look like for face-to-face meetings, conferences and exhibitions? And, if this type of networking is now obsolete, what does the new sales landscape look like?

These are all topics that the panel explore in this open and informative session with interesting references to diverse subjects like the Blitz of World War 2, and the hit film Glengarry Glen Ross!