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Episode 7 – Personal Development and Learning & Development

In Episode 7, Host Fred MacAuley welcomes Cantium CEO, Mark Scott and Executive Director of HR, Gill Nye to a discussion about Personal Development and Learning and Development.

Like many businesses, Cantium has excellent processes in place to encourage personal development, which under normal circumstances, serves them well. However, under current conditions and when adopting a remote working culture, how do you maintain effective personal and learning development programmes?

In this open discussion, the team share how they have initiated new online methods of communicating with staff and assessing their progress. They discuss how culture plays a significant role in empowering their staff to make suggestions and to challenge the way things are currently implemented.

Mark and Gill also reveal how their new recognition app has become an invaluable tool that allows them to recognise the efforts of their staff on a daily basis.

All in all, it’s another interesting and insightful discussion with some useful information on how an organisation with 500+ staff is managing to maintain an excellent programme for personal and learning development.