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Episode 8 – Marketing during pandemic events

In Episode 8, Host Fred MacAuley welcomes Cantium CEO, Mark Scott, Head of Marketing, Peter Fennell and Gordon White, Managing Director of Marketing Agency, fatBuzz. This discussions centres around marketing through pandemic events.

They begin with the consideration facing most businesses as to whether or not companies should reduce their marketing budget during disruptive times, such as the recent lockdown in the UK.

In Cantium’s case, the decision was to expand the marketing activity and respond to the need to communicate effectively during the period.  But, how did they achieve this and ensure the right messages were relayed at the right time?

The team discuss how brands can build a high level of Trust Capital by remaining true to their core values, rather than letting the pandemic become the story. Being aware of the messaging and the need to be empathetic to the situation as the situation developed was critical; but also be aware that the communication was not just for clients, it was equally important to get the right messages out at the right time for the benefit of the staff.

The team also look at how Agency/Client relationships have developed in the remote working environment and how this may alter the way they collaborate in the future.

Overall, the team agreed that the requirement to remain relevant and be highly aware of the customer needs was the key to quickly returning to a strong position.