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Why choose Cantium?

Anywhere SIM by Cantium is the UK’s leading provider of multi network mobile. Our SIM lets you roam seamlessly across multiple mobile networks, ensuring you receive the best mobile coverage wherever you are. 

Our market leading service is designed with small and medium businesses in mind. We believe that business mobile is an essential utility and as such, you shouldn’t be restricted to just one network, or be penalised for accessing them all. With the challenges many businesses today face, we work to ensure that network outages aren’t one of them, and don’t affect the running of your business. 

Enabling you to use your business mobile phone in more places around the UK than anyone else, Anywhere SIM by Cantium really is mobile without boundaries. 

Mobile connectivity solutions for small and medium businesses

Our service provides businesses with the best coverage wherever they are through our industry leading mobile phone packages, and a sim that provides connectivity across 99% of the UK. Coupled with our sophisticated but intuitive billing platform, we have everything you need for reliable business mobility in one seamlessly roaming SIM.


  • 99% UK Coverage
    The UK’s most reliable coverage

  • Data Pooling
    Predictable and cost-effective mobile solutions

  • 50,000+ customers
    Over 50,000 satisfied users
Anywhere SIM by Cantium

True Mobile Working

Anywhere SIM by Cantium provides a number of cost-effective and reliable solutions to make sure your teams stay connected. Our MiFi solution enables users to connect to our roaming SIM through a small wireless device, wherever they are. By ensuring they receive the UK’s best coverage whilst they are on-the-go, we enable mobile working you can truly depend on.

Lone Worker Solutions

If you are responsible for the safety of lone worker employees, Anywhere SIM by Cantium provides reliable solutions to stay connected and provide instant assistance.

Our roaming SIM automatically connects to the strongest available major UK network, providing 99% UK coverage, enabling seamlessly mobile business.

With devices that utilise our SIM, lone workers can be monitored and connected to an alarm centre or key contact at the touch of a button, ensuring they are provided with an unparalleled level of security and resilience.

Reliable Coverage

Anywhere SIM by Cantium offers coverage across over 99% of the UK. We’re a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, meaning that our SIM roams across all major network providers in the UK (Vodafone, EE, Three and O2) and automatically connects to the strongest signal available. We offer the power of multiple major networks in just one SIM; ensuring your business stays connected.

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Predictable and Cost-effective

Data pooling is a cost-effective mobile plan option for organisations with many staff using devices. Sharing monthly data between all devices means those who use less data don’t get charged for wasted data that isn’t used. Similarly, those who use more data don’t receive high bills and excessive charges because they will use excess data in the pool that would otherwise be wasted.

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Customer Support

Our friendly, UK based customer support team are on call to look after your every need - from activating and topping up, to providing expert assistance and guidance for your mobile phone package.

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