Broadband and Business Continuity for SME

Why Cantium Solutions?

At Cantium, we are happy to support small and medium enterprises on their way to success. For the past 35 years, we have become a trusted partner to both the public and the private sector when it comes to any solutions regarding ICT services, HR, finance and many more. One of our most recognisable services that has been preferred by many enterprises over the years is the broadband and continuity solution that we offer for SMEs in the UK.

Trusted IT Experts

We have over 1000 satisfied customers using our ICT.

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Network Protection

Reliably preventing more than 80% of spam emails from getting through.

High Availability

We guarantee and commit to 99.9% network availability.

We have over 1000 satisfied customers using our ICT services. We pay special attention to every client and provide specific solutions based on their current needs and budget. We seek to establish a relationship with every customer that is built on quality and trust.

Small Enterprise Broadband and Business Continuity

Cantium offers the best small and medium enterprises broadband solutions on the market. This is a service we have been offering successfully for many years now, helping small enterprises remain competitive in the rapidly changing economy.
Business Continuity for SME
Our services do not simply cover broadband but further extend to:
  • Remote backup for Windows and Exchange servers, laptops and workstations
  • Monitoring services
  • Added protection through storage diversification
  • Secure encryption during transfers
  • Data restores to devices of your choice
  • Antivirus and anti-malware software
  • Fast disaster recovery
  • Temporary equipment loan, including delivery and set up
Wired connections are still the best way to connect to the local server, which stores your data. Our team of experts will take care of the set-up and manage your network to consistently deliver the best experience for users. Along with broadband, we can also offer server support and network capacity.

Business Continuity Plans for Small Business

Our plans are based on what makes your company unique. Unique strengths yield unique challenges and we are here to face these with you. SME continuity is among the most important decisions you will make for your company because it has a serious impact. Cantium supports small and medium enterprises in creating and implementing business continuity plans. Our team has experience in ICT continuity management and we can offer remote backup of data and disaster recovery options.
Business Continuity for Small Business

High Quality Performance

High Quality Performance

We work with our clients to offer solutions that match their goals and needs. Nobody understands your business better than you. This is why we make sure to deliver high-quality performance with our work based on the clients’ insights. We are extremely flexible, which allows us to adapt to your specific case, analyse the options and come up with a reliable solution.

What Are The Benefits?

Cantium’s solutions have many benefits for SMEs:

We have access to a unique range of alternative emergency connectivity options that can be leveraged in the unfortunate event of a catastrophic outage in urban or rural areas.

We proactively monitor our clients’ network continuously. We often resolve problems before you even realise there is something wrong.

High-performance platform designed to cope with the peaks and troughs of traffic through the day. We closely monitor capacity and usage patterns to ensure bandwidth availability.

Firewalls managed centrally to protect all customers from online threats and infiltration attempts.

The service includes Internet Watch Foundation approved web filtering, centrally hosted and managed on your behalf.

Our network benefits from multi-layered security, across the core network, to your router.

Network that consistently meets or exceeds our availability commitment of 99.9%.

Mail server and inbox protection from unsolicited and inappropriate emails.

Connection to our private network.

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