Cloud Services for the Health Sector

Why Choose Cantium?

Cantium Solutions is a leader in IT solutions in the UK and a trusted partner to the country’s health sector. We are the perfect partner for integrating cloud-based solutions for healthcare. This industry proves extremely challenging to transform, however, we have extensive knowledge about the health sector and can address the needs of our clients in the most suitable and efficient way.
Cloud Services for Healthcare Cantium
The digital transformation in the medical industry comes in a period of serious staff shortages and resource scarcity. Cantium offers the best bespoke cloud solutions for clients from the industry. We take into account the management structure, the operational capacity and the financial resources in your case. This individual approach allows us to deliver a functional and reliable solution.

Healthcare Cloud Services

Similarly to the education and the public sector, the end goal here is to provide the most efficient service. This is where our work comes in and allows healthcare providers to increase efficiency on their part. The added value of Cantium’s bespoke cloud services lies in its flexibility and the opportunity for operational costs reduction. The healthcare providers pay for a system they really use because it is tailored to their needs. We can offer virtual infrastructure solutions, website hosting and digital data security.

Healthcare Cloud Services

What are The Benefits?

The key benefits of Cantium’s cloud-based solutions for healthcare are related to reduced operational costs, increased security and easy access.
Cloud Services for Healthcare Benefits

What you get is:

  • A team of experts to take full care of the set up
  • Continuous and deligent maintenance
  • Safe data storage options
  • No physical space requirements
  • Flexible plans
This is the perfect system for storing sensitive information that many professionals and organisations in the industry work with on a daily basis. This type of solution meets high security standards and stores information without taking up any space on the premises to house servers. The clients can modify their plan to adjust the storage space they get at any point. System maintenance is also covered, which gives room for further budget savings but also takes care of issues and prevents disruptions.

Cloud Data Storage for Healthcare Providers

Cantium offers cloud data storage as a service for medical establishments. This is an extremely flexible and secure option that you can rely on without having to invest in expensive servers to store sensitive data, such as medical records. The more patients there are, the more information you need to store. In a time of unprecedentedly rigorous legal requirements, you need a reliable option for storing information in a GDPR-compliant way. Cantium is here to take care of that.
Cloud Data Storage for Healthcare Providers

Secure Services for Healthcare

Secure Cloud Services for Healthcare
In the modern world, online data security is an extremely sensitive subject. Probably the biggest benefit that we can offer for medical establishments and professionals is the level of security. You can access the resources you need from any designated place at any time because our goal is not simply to secure the information but also to ensure comfort and efficiency. We offer regular back-ups and expert support for all of our clients. Our packages also extend to security management, back-ups, maintenance and a state-of-the art monitoring option that protects our clients from any potential breaches and security issues.
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