HR Advisory for SME

HR Business Advisory Services

Full HR Support

Recruitment is always a challenging task. We will join you in designing exercises and take the most suitable decision.

Flexible Service

Our involvement depends on your needs, so we can be there permanently or just come in when you need guidance on specific issues.

Trusted Mediator

Impartial and confidential mediation to allow the people involved to find a solution that they feel is fair.

HR business advisory services

Cantium offers professional HR advisory solutions to businesses in the UK. We specialise in delivering bespoke human resources services for small and medium enterprises that we tailor to the organisation’s requirements. Our team of highly experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure full legal compliance and support you in dealing with complex employment-related situations. We will bring our talent and expertise to help you make the right decisions in difficult times and ensure a productive and enjoyable working environment for your staff.

HR Consultancy for Business

Managing a company is quite challenging, especially when it involves taking care of the staff on your own. We are here to team up with your human resources lead and provide expert HR advisory for business on a wide range of issues and activities. You can fully rely on us in difficult times and we will approach each sensitive topic in a confident and professional way.

We can help you with:

HR consultancy for business
HR Casework

You have specific struggles and a specific set of policies in place that you need to respect when solving the problem. We will come in to seek out an effective and legally compliant way to deal with the situation that involves staff relations.

Change Management

The process of restructuring your enterprise can potentially cause serious disruptions and stress out your staff. We will be by your side to offer guidance with transfer of undertakings, redundancy issues and any type of internal organisational adjustments to make it easier for you and your staff to adapt to the new situation and ensure a smooth transition.

Management Investigations

Management investigations need to be handled carefully in order to preserve the reputation of the company and clearly demonstrate to your employees and to the public that you are approaching the issue impartially. In order to do that, our HR consultants for business will make sure that you are following the internal policies of the company and the investigation complies with established disciplinary procedure.


Sometimes conflicts do arise and it’s extremely hard to reconcile opposing sides and preserve the friendly atmosphere in the workplace. We will do our best to keep your staff happy by working out a solution that feels fair and beneficial to everyone that is involved. We have significant experience in ensuring a safe environment that promotes an open dialogue aiming to address issues in an honest and comfortable way.

Assessment Centres

Your company deserves the best and this includes recruiting the most talented and skilled applicants for a job. Depending on the role, we will help you design a test environment to examine and assess candidates’ aptitude and make sure you are choosing the right people for your team.

No matter how tricky the situation, Cantium’s HR consultants for business will be more than excited to join your team and work out a way to solve the issue. We take great pride in being able to tackle serious situations in the most efficient way that benefits all parties involved.

HR consultancy for business services

SME HR consultants

HR consultants for SME

Every company is unique and we support your individuality by providing bespoke HR business consultancy solutions, geared to your needs. Different organisations require a different level of involvement, so we will let you decide how much support you need.

There are two packages that you can choose from depending on your structure and your human resources staff. The first one features a dedicated human resources consultant for business that is fully available to attend all meetings and actively participates in processes where you need their advice. The other one is suitable for companies that require less involvement and are fairly confident in human resources matters on their own. In this case, we will only join you for formal hearings and will leave informal meetings and everyday matters to you. You can always decide that you want to switch plans or upgrade and you can also combine the services with our payroll solution.

HR dedicated consultants for SME

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