Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
for the Health Sector

RPA for Healthcare Providers

Cantium has been working on digital transformation projects for over 3 decades, including RPA for Healthcare Providers. By working with different types of organisation, from local government to public and private health organisations, we understand the impact of RPA for Healthcare Providers and can support the planning, design and implementation of your automation.

Our teams are passionate about driving efficiencies for our customers and creating significant process improvements. Our SDI and ITIL accredited service desk has extensive experience of providing IT support to the Health Sector, including remote support that is accessible via telephone, email and live chat in our online self-service portal.

We provide automation solutions in cloud, hosted and on-premise environments with a dedicated team of RPA consultants.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that allows humans and robots, or computer software, to work together to automate certain business tasks. Often also referred to as Business Process Automation, you can use technology to automate repeatable, day-to-day tasks to drive efficiencies in your organisation.
Increased productivity and efficiency

Your organisation will have an efficient Automated Intelligence (AI) worker that can be productive around the clock.

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Speed up processes & reduce costs

Processes can be streamlined with automation, which increases the speed of completion and reduces your associated costs.

Automation of repeatable tasks

The repeatable tasks that your members of staff complete can be automated, freeing them up to complete more important tasks.

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Increase quality by eliminating keying errors

Humans can reduce the number of keying errors they make, whilst robots are able to eliminate the errors to ensure data quality.

Staff are free to perform higher-value tasks

With your staff having more time to perform tasks that are more important to your organisation, they will provide more value.

24/7 virtual workforce leads to a better customer experience

With computer software working without interruption, you can deliver more efficient services.

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Low-code or no-code RPA implementation

Ensuring a friendly user experience, no-code programming takes less time and is simpler for your staff to learn.

Error handling and troubleshooting, including instant self-healing capability

Ensuring that your automation is resilient, with minimal downtime.

Healthcare Robotic Process Automation

Cantium are working with healthcare organisations across the UK to automate business processes with a 3-stage approach to optimising the automation and enabling artificial intelligence. With over 35 years’ experience of working with organisations like yours, we understand the challenges that you face and can help to drive efficiencies and make cost savings with automation. Here are some examples of what Healthcare Robotic Process Automation could help you with:

Processing Forms

Are your teams spending time with manual data entry and processing forms? An RPA solution can read the forms and then perform the manual data entry on your behalf. This will result in reduced costs, faster processing and reduced errors, whilst providing your team with the time to focus on more important tasks.

Data Entry screen for RPA for Healthcare Providers
Your HR Onboarding with RPA for Healthcare Providers

Internal HR Onboarding

Onboarding a new employee into your organisation requires a specific process to be followed. This means that an RPA solution can be tasked with gathering the required information from your new staff members and ensure a smooth onboarding process. By automating your onboarding, your data collection will become more efficient, error rates will be reduced and this increases your data security.

Compliance Reporting

How does your organisation track its compliance? Monitoring this can be a time-consuming process that automation can perform faster and more efficiently, reducing your compliance breaches and fines. By providing you with a single dashboard to check your compliance status and outstanding actions, your compliance team can start taking action much sooner and make more informed decisions based upon real-time data.

RPA for Healthcare Providers' Dashboard Reporting

Healthcare Procurement Frameworks

Cantium is proud to be a Crown Commercial Services (CCS) supplier. Many of our services, including RPA, are available for procurement on G-Cloud 11. Alternatively, if a bespoke solution or outcome is required then we are also able to supply through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework through CCS.

Alternatively, complete the contact form below and we can discuss another procurement method that fits your organisation.

We supply RPA for Healthcare Providers on G-Cloud 11

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