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Why choose Cantium?

With more than 30 years of experience in the ICT field, our IT support solutions alleviate the daily challenges small and medium businesses face in the Digital Era. We have been answering the needs of our 1000+ customers in a holistic manner, ensuring excellent workflow continuity. Our one-stop-shop offer aims to deliver any and all technological requirements. We provide fully managed IT solutions, support and a range of comprehensive technology solutions. Based on your business needs, we can create a tailored package that will enable your company to reach its maximum potential.

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Trusted IT Experts

Over 1000 organisations choose us for IT support

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Cloud Support

Supporting over 65,000 mailboxes and 11,000 Skype for Business users

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Highly Accredited Technical Support

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner

IT solutions for small and medium businesses

Our portfolio of support actions tries to comprehensively appeal to all of the present needs of SMEs. We take pride in our deep expertise in the infrastructure realm of ICT. Our core competencies lie in:

SME Security
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Proper ICT system security is just as important as its integration and maintenance. In terms of security operations, we offer:

  • Monitoring and management of breaches
  • Emergency response to incidents
  • Vulnerability assessment
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Network Operations

Depending on your organisation's needs, we offer a wide range of network configurations including:

  • WAN (Wired Area Network)
  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • WiFi (Wireless network)
  • Broadband
  • Remote Access
Cantium monitoring SME Network Operations
SME Enterprise Solutions
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Enterprise Solutions

We offer integration and maintenance for a number of leading enterprise applications, which include:

  • Office 365 and MS Office
  • Skype for Business
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management)
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Database Administration

Our team of experts can build up or improve the database capabilities of small and medium enterprises. Our solutions support both Oracle and SQL and are designed to deliver:

  • Database design
  • Capacity planning and installation
  • Configuration
  • Migration
  • Performance monitoring and Security
  • Backup and data recovery
SME Database Administration

IT support for SME

We provide a comprehensive package of IT support services, accessible through telephone, email and our portal. The experienced service desk teams, which consist of highly-qualified engineers, provide a wide range of options for SMEs. The assistance we deliver depends on the type of interaction needed. Based on your organisation’s requirements, support could be either end-user, deskside, remote or VIP user. Additionally, we could provide problem and incident management, ICT service continuity management, change, release, capacity or reporting management.

Depending on the needs of your business, the right combination of additional actions will be accessible at all times, relieving your worries about the ICT assets of your company.

IT support for SME

IT consulting services for small businesses

IT consulting services for small businesses

Thanks to our considerable expertise in the field, we can provide consultancy that brings significant advantages to our SME clients. Depending on the needs of our customers we deliver a multifaceted and adaptable consultancy package. Our team can provide you with service management consultancy, which translates to industry-class guidance on the full range of ITSM disciplines. Optionally, there could be a dedicated consultant who works on projects, planning, safety and security alongside SMEs to improve their overall competence. We also develop ICT strategies according to your business needs. Depending on the objectives that your company has set out, we can implement particular policies, processes and standards to ensure compliance with ISO Standards ISO9000, ISO27001 and ISO20000.


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Strategic Insights and Planning

With over 400 staff and a wealth of IT expertise, we're able to roadmap a client's IT strategy to ensure they stay compliant and have access to the latest products and technology, giving them a competitive edge.

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Time Saving

IT can be time-consuming. Having a trusted partner to help you deliver means implementations can go right the first time - saving valuable time for you to channel into running your business.

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Technical Expertise

Providing a large pool of skilled resources to help manage your technology, our experts are on-hand to ensure your systems and aplications are up to date and aligned to your business processes.

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Lower Costs

We alleviate the need for you to employ a dedicated IT resource in-house and deliver your most important IT projects and services at a competitive price.

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Less Downtime

We have extensive hosting facilities and the ability to provide resilient IT services using cloud technologies in industry leading vendor environments like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

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Less Risk

By providing hands-on support to identify and manage risks, as well as planning for the recovery of IT services, we protect what's important to your business.

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More Flexibility

Providing a remote service means that our skilled technicians are able to assist you almost immediately.

IT for your company

For the majority of small and medium enterprises, technology plays a big part in their growth. It could be hindering or facilitating the efficiency of your workforce, therefore a sensible approach to the ICT aspect of your organisation is a must. We provide solutions that advance your workflow, such as patch and update control, system optimisation and network management. Issues are proactively dealt with in a timely manner via remote or on-site support. Ultimately, this allows users to attend to their work undisturbed.

ICT for your company

Case Studies

Kent County Council

Kent County Council

Cantium Navigates Kent County Council's Strategic Digital Transformation Programme

Woodland Academy Trust - emergency Business Solutions

Woodland Academy Trust

Woodland Academy Trust access their key management systems from anywhere

Unison’s Maidstone Branch

Unison's Maidstone Branch

Unison's Maidstone Branch move to the Cloud with Cantium

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Less than 50 users
50 - 200 users
More than 200 users
No Hidden Fees
Dedicated ITIL Accredited Support Desk
Unlimited Remote User Support
On Site Support
Endpoint Management
Patch and Update Control
Weekly drive and system optimisation
Online Backup
Office 365 Email Management
Network Management
Server Patches, Updates, Monitoring, Antivirus, Reboots, and Remote Support
Site Internet Monitoring
Server Hardware Maintanance
Annual Inventory
Annual Review & Recommendations
3 Year Plan
Procurement Specification and Supply
Disaster Recovery Plan
Microsoft Partner Gold
ISO 9001 Certificate
ISO 14001 Certificate
ISO 27001 Certificate

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