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Cantium provides technical design and managed IT services to public and private healthcare organisations. Over 250 experienced engineers are here to deliver consultancy and managed solutions, as well as to help with your virtual infrastructure. We offer bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs, budgets and requirements of our clients in the sector. A reliable and resilient infrastructure allows healthcare providers to focus on their work without worrying about technological issues. Our solutions will meet and exceed all of your requirements for efficiency. We have significant experience that allows us to understand and approach any challenges with diligence and expertise.

Improved Efficiency

Managed IT Services for the Health Sector

Cantium’s team will help you build and maintain a highly resilient network that will enhance efficiency.

Managed IT Services for the Health Sector

Healthcare is one of the most sensitive industries when it comes to adopting changes and new technologies. We are aware that a number of medical establishments struggle to maintain and optimise their IT infrastructure. This serious and ongoing task consumes time and resources that your staff can dedicate to providing outstanding healthcare services instead. Therefore, we offer a fully managed IT service for all of our solutions. This means that you can outsource all of the maintenance work to our team and we will continuously monitor and take care of your network.

We offer:

  • Full infrastructure support
  • Data network maintenance
  • Managed wireless
  • Team of experienced engineers and developers by your side

IT Consultancy Services for Healthcare

Cantium is here to become the virtual IT manager for your organisation. Our main priority will be to deliver expert, unbiased reviews of solutions. You will have experienced consultants, whose expertise and support is equal to an entire IT department. You can turn to them with any technological issues and they will step in when you need us and we will always function within specific budgets, requirements and strategies.

IT Consultancy Services for Healthcare

Managed Wireless for Healthcare

Our work in this area has helped us gather knowledge and understanding of the challenges that healthcare providers face. Our practices are based on insights from various healthcare stakeholders from the public and private sector. This allows us to help you implement efficiency improvements in your organisation.

Managed Wireless for Healthcare
Cantium offers the best managed wireless service for the healthcare sector. Users tend to take WiFi for granted, whether they are staff, patients or visitors. However, ensuring connectivity and coverage often proves a significant challenge. Healthcare organisations need optimal network performance but also reliable security. With a constant increase in the number of devices that connect to your network, you need to provide for capacity but also keep costs within a reasonable limit. We can help with all of that by delivering outstanding managed wireless services for healthcare.

Our solutions include network design, management and support. We are here to prevent interruptions and make sure your staff stay connected and able to carry out their daily tasks. We will also boost security by managing access and making sure personal devices do not connect to the corporate network. If you are using cloud services, we will take care of updates and fixes over the internet. Manual interference will be kept to a minimum, which saves time and cuts costs. Our bespoke managed wireless solutions protect your data, ensure connectivity and give access to high-speed Internet to all of the end-users.

Network Design Management

Virtual Infrastructure

Virtual infrastructure is an efficient solution for healthcare organisations. You no longer need traditional dedicated servers as they are replaced with cloud technologies. The staff can access all of the resources that they need but these won’t be stored locally. Instead, the virtual infrastructure that we can help you develop and implement stores all your information. It is secure, easy to use and manage and costs less to maintain. You don’t need to allocate physical space for servers on the premises, which lets you optimise assets even outside the scope of IT. You can specify the capacity and the processing power according to your organisation’s needs and budget.

Virtual Infrastructure for Healthcare

Case Studies

Cantium deliver digital transformation of the NHS in Kent and Medway

In Kent and Medway, patient records are held separately by numerous health and care providers. Clinicians need to see the full range of records in order to provide high quality care with successful outcomes when treating their patients.

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