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For the past 35 years, Cantium has helped small and medium enterprises across the UK to keep up to date with the latest technological trends in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs and offer a better experience to their clients. Today, adapting to the technological changes is not enough; business success depends on being proactive and taking advantage of modern solutions. Technical design and managed services expertise comes in to help SMEs analyse and define their priorities and opportunities in terms of the IT infrastructure they use. We are here to create a detailed plan, specific to your business, help you put it into action and then take continuous care of maintenance.

Cantium Technical Design Services for SME

Technical Design for Small and Medium Enterprises

Cantium delivers technical design services for SMEs, tailored to the company’s specific needs.
Technical Design for SME

Technical design consists of all of the features that you are looking for and need in the system to get built. It includes the structure with its components, their interaction and functionality and also covers the deployment requirements. It plans for all of the interfaces, modules and the entire architecture. Technological design is a comprehensive service that takes advantage of Cantium’s extensive experience and knowledge. You need a partner that understands your business to take into account all of your goals. We will start by getting to know your company so that we are able to provide project scaling and envision your future challenges and opportunities. After all, the infrastructure you are building is an investment that should yield results for many years ahead and you need someone who is sure to get it right.

Managed Services for Small Businesses

When you are all set, you need to take good care of the system you have built. Cantium provides an excellent fully managed IT service for all of our solutions, so one contract underpins all of the services that you take from us.

Our activities cover but are not limited to:

  • A fully managed IT service
  • Managed wireless
  • Infrastructure support
  • Network infrastructure
  • Administration and authentication
  • Virtual infrastructure
  • Daily operations optimisation
Managed Services for Small Business

Small Businesses IT Consultancy

Small Business IT Consultancy

Our experience and expertise make us the ideal IT consultant to SMEs. Our team will step in with an expert opinion on any topic related to information technology. We can recommend specific changes that target specific issues in your organisation and provide full support while you are phasing in these changes. We are also available for guidance and maintenance, so you can focus on your business goals and let us take care of the technological means to achieve them.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Small Businesses

Your company stores valuable information that your employees use on a daily basis. You can choose to store it on dedicated servers or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI allows you to have one central server that hosts the entire desktop environment. This technology simulates the traditional desktop experience that your employees are used to, however, they can access the environment and the data over a network anywhere, anytime. This means that your staff can work from home or any other place with an internet connection, while the information is securely stored on a central server. End-users won’t keep data on their devices but they will be able to use it just as if they did. This boosts security and resilience without compromising the experience and the efficiency.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for SME

VDI Benefits

VDI Benefits
Cantium supports SMEs in creating and implementing VDI in their processes. You can leverage all the benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure, which include:
  • Allocating a specific budget to processing power and storage space
  • Eliminating hardware maintenance costs
  • Enabling remote work by giving access to resources
  • Simplifying the infrastructure management
  • Boosting security
VDI brings the same benefits to the small and medium enterprises that it could bring to any large company, so it makes for a worthwhile investment. It is comprehensive and resilient, which makes it the one-stop-shop solution for your needs.

Case Studies

Unison's Maidstone Branch move to the Cloud with Cantium

As the largest public service trade union in the United Kingdom, with almost 1.4 million members and 12 branches, Unison is continuously looking to expand and find new ways to be more efficient.

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