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IT Training for Healthcare

Cantium provides bespoke IT training for healthcare organisations. We can organise different types of instruction sessions and events to upgrade your staff’s technological skills. The end goal here is to make sure your employees take advantage of all of the digital opportunities that your infrastructure offers. The format and duration will be tailored to your specific needs. Technologies have become an essential part of healthcare and we are here to help you make sure your team members are using them in the most efficient way.

Reach out to us to discuss having an instruction session on:

  • Daily database maintenance
  • Office 365
  • Any type of ICT guidance
We are extremely flexible, so different format requests are welcome. Cantium’s trainers have significant experience in both webinars and in-person instruction meetings. Depending on your preference, we will make sure you get the most of online coaching or face-to-face get-togethers. You and your staff can decide on the most comfortable or efficient format in your case. Alternatively, we can also help you decide after reviewing the specifics and requirements. We are  happy to discuss different options and organise a beneficial and enjoyable event for an individual, a team or your entire staff.
IT Training for Health Sector

Healthcare IT Training Programmes

Healthcare IT Training Programmes

The fast pace of IT innovations can be intimidating for people who specialise in a different area. As IT experts, we understand both the technology you are using and what you need to know to make the most of it. We have an extensive experience in IT for healthcare that makes us aware of your staff’s concerns or difficulties. Being well-versed in the technological specifics for your sector means we can show you how to be digitally efficient without overburdening you with details. We will keep it layperson-friendly, while making sure your employees upgrade their skills to complement their industry-specific expertise.

Health IT Security Trainings

Medical staff have access to sensitive information that healthcare establishments need to protect. Medical records, e-prescriptions and billing documents are handled and issued on a daily basis. In order to prevent security breaches, your employees need to observe specific practices to ensure GDPR compliance and make patients feel safe about their data. We can work with your staff to make sure daily operations comply with the highest standards in the sector. Our team can also introduce your in-house technicians to some good practices in IT security. Confidence in data protection policies is essential for any healthcare facility manager. However, it is based on the employees’ understanding of the importance of diligence and their ability to prevent breaches or handle minor security issues. Cantium’s team will help you raise threat awareness and increase reliability with bespoke IT security training.

Health IT Security Trainings

Why Choose Cantium for IT Training in Healthcare?

Cantium IT Training Solutions

The most important feature of our IT instruction services for the health sector is their flexibility. We have a team of experts who are ready to share industry knowledge and present it to your staff in the most accessible way. We know you specialise in healthcare and this is what you need to focus on. So, we will tailor everything to your particular needs and deliver a comprehensive yet time-efficient coaching session. If you feel you need to stay up to date with any digital solution that is specific to your industry, we are also here to help with regular meetings.

Case Studies

Cantium deliver digital transformation of the NHS in Kent and Medway

Cantium Business Solutions are leading the delivery of a significant transformational change for the health and social care system in Kent and Medway, enabling health and social care professionals to access a shared data record…

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