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IT Training for Small Business

Cantium can organise and deliver bespoke IT training for SMEs in the UK. We are here to support your staff’s development and help them upgrade their skill set with industry-specific competences. We have been delivering high-quality IT services to small and medium enterprises in the United Kingdom for 35 years now, so we are aware of what your company needs. We can organise comprehensive and enjoyable instruction sessions to cover everything you need to know

ICT Business Training

Our ICT training programmes are based on the clients’ needs and requirements. We will analyse your infrastructure and help you learn how to use it more efficiently. Networks and systems are only as good as the people who work with them. So, you need to make sure that your staff are up to date with everything that’s new. In the fast-paced world of IT, not falling behind digitally means staying relevant businesswise.

ICT Business Training
ICT Training for Small Business

If you have recently deployed a new IT suite, you may need to make sure your staff are using it efficiently, which is the only way to make such a large investment worthwhile. We are here to help your employees make a smooth transition and introduce them to the new technology they will be working with. Keeping up with updates and changes to existing infrastructure is also essential to delivering the expected results. Therefore, you can opt for regular instruction events to allow you and your team to stay on top of everything that’s going on with the solutions that your business is using.

Why Choose Cantium for Small Business IT Training?

Qualified trainers
Cantium has a team of qualified engineers and technicians, ready to share practical knowledge with you and your employees. All of our trainers are experts in their fields, working within our support teams. We believe that effective IT training comes from people that are actively involved in the tasks they will discuss with your employees. Therefore, your employees will learn from competent professionals that share actionable insights from their practical experience.
Small Business IT Training
Applicable Know How
Applicable know-how
Learning is not simply about the facts; it is about becoming able to implement what you have learnt. This implies understanding certain concepts and practices but also being aware of why they are important. So, we promise to keep it simple and not overburden you with the technical details. We will analyse your business needs and requirements to deliver an engaging and informative learning experience. Your staff will acquire actual know-how and be able to start applying it in their daily work right away.
Format flexibility
We are extremely flexible and our instruction programmes are as versatile as they come. All formats are welcome as we feel equally comfortable delivering a face-to-face training or a webinar. Our trainers can hold individual sessions to talk about specific tools or personal development solutions. We can organise a workshop or a seminar for small or large teams, management or even your entire staff. Of course, you pick the time and place and we will adapt to your schedule.
Flexible Training Format

Case Studies

Unison's Maidstone Branch move to the Cloud with Cantium

As the largest public service trade union in the United Kingdom, with almost 1.4 million members and 12 branches, Unison is continuously looking to expand and find new ways to be more efficient.

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