Training that is bespoke to your business

Our training is tailored to your needs to support you in managing health and wellbeing proactively, whilst working to minimise the impact of mental ill-health on your business and your employees, and promote and maintain healthy workplaces. We’ll work alongside you to deliver training that is designed to educate your employees to recognise the signs that someone may need support with their mental health and offer help on a first aid basis to effectively support anyone experiencing mental distress.

Having a trained Mental Health First Aider in your workplace can start productive conversations about mental health, promote a greater understanding of the factors that can affect wellbeing, and play a significant part in ending stigma and discrimination around mental health in the workplace.

Upon completion of the two-day course, which is accredited by Mental Health First Aid England, employees will become certified as a Mental Health First Aider.

Find out more about how Cantium worked with Aesica, a Consort Medical company, to provide training on how to support mental health in the workplace.

Watch their testimonial video here.




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