Occupational Health for SME

Occupational Health and Safety for Small Businesses

Expert Evaluation

Counselling and mediation services will enable you to create a healthy and productive environment for your staff.

Extended Expertise

We have helped more than 50,000 employees stay emotionally, mentally and physically safe.

Proactive Approach

We promote wellbeing of employees in schools, universities and other educational organisations.

Cantium provides occupational health services for small and medium companies in the UK. We are here to help you create a safe and productive workspace for all of your employees. Our experts are highly experienced in evaluating risks, managing workplace hazards and taking care of the welfare of small companies’ staff. We will approach your business individually and pay attention to every detail. Cantium’s bespoke services are perfect for companies that value their employees’ wellbeing and comfort. In terms of team spirit, our combined efforts will boost motivation and reduce absences, which is important for your business goals. In terms of legislation, we will ensure compliance with occupational health regulations for your specific sector.

Safety for Small Business
Occupational Health for SME

When we talk about employee welfare and satisfaction, we focus on physical, emotional and mental factors that affect performance. We will provide expert evaluation of workplace hazards and present a comprehensive analysis of specific risks and the roles they are related to. Our report will cover potentially hazardous situations, practices or activities and offer specific ways to deal with them. We can help you phase in additional risk-control policies and evaluate progress. You can also leave the continuous employee assessments and medical checks to us. Everything we do will be tailored to your company to make sure we cover all legislative, ethical and functional bases.

Occupational Health and Safety Requirements for SME

When it comes to occupational health, SMEs need to meet safety requirements, related to their sector. Small and medium enterprises can benefit greatly from the introduction of specific measures that are specially geared to their teams, goals and company culture. Occupational health does not simply mean taking care of the safety of everyone that works with you. It is rather a holistic approach to your staff’s wellbeing that seeks to promote people’s general feeling of content. While increasing safety reduces absences, a genuinely healthy workplace environment would also raise productivity.

Health Safety Requirements for SME
Occupational Health Small Business

We know that the notion of corporate culture might be abstract or daunting for many business owners and managers. So, apart from the set of internal regulations and practices to reduce, avoid and manage risks that we will help you establish, we will also work with you to make your company a positive and inspiring place. We have a proactive approach that allows us to recognise potentially problematic practices and help you prevent issues rather than seek ways to resolve them.

Why Choose Cantium

Cantium Occupational Health

Cantium has significant expertise in offering expert HR services. We have enabled businesses to create safe and thriving workplace experiences for over 50,000 employees and the number is still growing. You can rely on us to team with your in-house human resources experts or step in and function as an entire HR department if this is what you need. We understand your company’s unique needs and will work to meet your specific requirements in every aspect of our collaboration. Since occupational health is an extremely important part of every company’s development and operations, you can use some expert help with:

  • Employment assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Health referrals
  • Vaccinations
  • Regular medical examinations
  • Early retirement due to illness

You can rely on our professional counsel and involvement in all of the aspects of occupational health and safety. We will make sure that your staff is well acquainted with any risks related to their job. Our team will show them how to identify potential hazards and how to act to neutralise or minimise said risks. Cantium’s HR specialists will also help you provide your personnel with the medical attention they need.

Personnel Medial Attention

Case Studies

Aesica Pharmaceuticals, Queenborough chose Cantium as their chosen provider to deliver Mental Health First Aid Training to employees

Aesica Pharmaceuticals (Aesica), a Consort Medical company, is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, supplying products to many of the world’s top twenty pharmaceutical companies and exports to more …

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