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About Us

Cantium is a managed ICT partner, providing bespoke IT services and solutions to the UK public sector and its supply chain. Our aim is to support the UK public sector in regaining control of its IT operations by redefining the outsourcing model. We do this by engaging with organisations early in the procurement process, better defining their requirements, and providing expert insights into solutions and strategies to achieve their wider goals.

Cantium is also a Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo), wholly owned by Kent County Council (KCC) via Commercial Services Group (CSG). Part of our heritage and our ethos is that we believe in generating profit for a purpose and giving back to services that support our communities. We recognise that we are in a privileged position with an intimate insight into the challenges that the sector faces. Therefore, we work directly with the public sector and its supply chain to design and deliver better citizen-facing services. Furthermore, all the profits that Cantium generates are fed back into Kent County Council to invest in front-line services and community programmes.

Therefore, working with Cantium means that public funds continue to support front-line public services. Cantium’s commercial success also means that we can invest in our people, systems, solutions, and innovation, which continues to drive efficiencies and give back to the public purse with clients across the UK.

"Our aim is to support the UK public sector in regaining control of its IT operations by redefining the outsourcing model."

Photograph of two Cantium employees walking through the office and having a conversation.

Profit for a Purpose

Cantium has over 40 years of experience being integrated within and supporting, the public sector and its supply chain. This includes local authorities, schools, academies and trusts, and private businesses in the public sector supply chain.

We want to continue serving the public sector and create long-term working partnerships with local authorities and educational establishments that generate a positive social and economic impact on the communities we serve.

Established in 2018, Cantium focuses on providing opportunities for young people and career development. Part of this work is sponsoring events and awards across the UK, including the Kent Business Awards, Public Finance Awards, Kent Teacher of the Year Awards, and school-specific awards evenings and student recognition events.

As of 2022, over 70 members of staff have undertaken an apprenticeship to develop their skills. Cantium also took part in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Kickstart Scheme, which aimed to create hundreds of thousands of high-quality 6-month job placements nationally for young people. Successful placements received mentor-led vocational training, self-learning, e-learning and tutorials, and training from Cantium subject matter experts, as well as online and 1-1 HR training on interview techniques and CV writing.

We also ensure that our procurement processes and partnerships also work to create the same partnerships and enhance communities right across the UK.

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40 Years of Public Sector Experience

As a Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo) wholly owned by Kent County Council, we understand what it means to be public sector.

Our teams have unparalleled experience in supporting local government teams and applications from the inside. We help you to take back control of your ICT and provide experts with the knowledge and experience to transform your business.

Our knowledge of your business functions, application stack, budgets, complexity, and scrutiny helps us to better understand your business needs and challenges. We work in partnership with your organisation, collaborating with your internal teams and departments to identify and define your project requirements, transform your back-office services, and provide tailored support to your teams.

Cantium provides value to the wider sector by providing value-for-money services back to other authorities and their supply chain, driving public sector excellence.

Why Work With Us

Cantium is built upon 4 core beliefs. We ensure that we remain connected to your requirements and can deliver services that ensure growth for your organisation.

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