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GDPR Services and DPO Services

Cantium’s GDPR and DPO services utilise GDPRiS (GDPR in Schools). The GDPRiS platform is simple and cloud-based, designed specifically to support schools with complete management of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across single or multiple establishments, like multi-academy trusts.

The GDPRiS platform helps Data Protection Officers (DPOs), and 3rd party data processors in their responsibilities, while reflecting existing processes and the way schools work and pro-actively prompting them to carry out actions needed to meet and exceed the GDPR. With the ability to easily demonstrate your compliance, react quickly to requests and breaches, and more, this simple, intuitive platform will help to simplify GDPR management in your school.

Cantium’s DPO as a Service (DPOaaS) is a practical and cost-effective solution to manage data protection in schools, trusts and academies when staff don’t have the data protection expertise and knowledge to fulfil their Data Protection Officer (DPO) obligations under the GDPR. Partnered with the GDPRiS platform, this service offers your school completely outsourced DPO services and GDPR management.

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Enhance Compliance with School Data Protection Officer

Cantium’s Data Protection Officer as a Service provides your organisation with a dedicated, experienced DPO who will serve as an independent data protection expert to your school, supporting your school’s compliance management.

Your DPO will work directly with your Data Protection Lead (DPL) or staff members to provide easy-to-understand guidance and advice on data and breach management issues. They can support in many areas such as the reporting of issues to and liaison with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), advice on responding to Subject Access Requests (SAR) and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, review of your Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), and more.

Cantium’s DPOs have a wealth of proven experience in supporting over 250 schools. Our latest survey showed 94% of customers are ‘extremely satisfied’ with the service. Utilising our expert advice and guidance, you can be confident in resolving any compliance challenges that come your way.

Cantium’s outsourced Data Protection Officer support includes:

  • Practical and cost-effective solution to achieve GDPR compliance
  • Access to independent DPO expertise not available internally
  • No conflict of interest between the DPO and other business activities
  • Application of best practice in achieving and maintaining compliance with the GDPR
  • Cost effective compared to an internal appointment
  • Access to GDPR training and compliance solutions
  • An external DPO is more likely to have a collaborative relationship with regulatory authorities
  • Adds an extra layer of accountability and support for your organisation

Cantium’s outsourced Data Protection Officer support includes:

  • Advice and guidance on preparation of reports for board meetings as required
  • Provision of advice on request to support key decision making at board/trust board level
  • Advice and remote support with GDPR compliance
  • Advice and support with the production of a risk register
  • Production of Information Governance Development/Improvement Plan
  • Advice on requests (SAR, FOI, release of education records etc)
  • Unlimited advice and guidance on Issue/Breach Management
  • Reporting of issues to and liaison with ICO

Our article on 5 Reasons to Outsource the DPO Role goes into more information on why you should choose Cantium to Outsource your GDPR and DPO management.

Buying into the GDPRiS service has proven to be invaluable for my role within the school.

The service has been professional, knowledgeable and delivered in a very timely manner.
- Headcorn Primary School

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