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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services provide your organisation with external expertise that has the operational scale to respond to peaks in service demand from your organisation. From Cyber Security to Service Desk, service models can be built to ensure familiarity for your people, processes and technology. Often saving you hundreds to thousands of hours in operational time, utilising a pool of resource alongside other public sector agencies through a managed IT service provider ensures that your services are delivered cost efficiently, compared to running them in-house; especially when it comes to hiring from a limited pool of industry experts.

Managed IT Services doesn’t mean outsourcing and a lack of control over your customer experience. Our Managed IT Services insights provide you with insights from across the public and private sectors to see how other organisations are making it work for them. From using the SIAM model, to insourcing your service desk, our insights will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to engage with industry-experts that can help you shape your organisational structure to provide the most cost-effective services to your communities.

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Resilience and Growth

Two areas that all organisations aim to achieve are resilience and growth. Managed IT Services can provide your teams with increased resilience during peak times, and enable them to look forward, and build better services while focusing on the day to day running of your organisation.

We understand that hiring technical resource can be difficult, as well as time and resource intensive. By working with a managed IT service partner, you can utilise expert resources, while only paying for what you need, without competing with other organisations for the same resource.

Below, you will find our expert insights, news and resources around Managed IT Services.

Cantium's Fully Managed IT Stories

Who We Are

Working with Cantium means that public funds continue to support front-line public services. We believe in profit for a purpose and giving back to services that support our communities