Cantium Insights On Public Sector Outsourcing IT Services
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Outsourced IT Services

Outsourcing IT support  in the public sector is something that has been done to save time, money and resources for many decades. However, the attitudes towards outsourced IT services are changing. More organisations are bringing their IT services back in-house to regain control of their customer experience, and transform and improve IT services for staff, customers, and strategic partners.

However, service design and implementation is tricky to navigate, especially when requiring expert and impartial technical architecture assurance, strategy and roadmaps. Then comes managing the programme of works, which isn’t easy if your project management is outsourced already. Our insight into this topic enables you to learn about how insourcing is being done across the wider public sector, and how to create a service model to achieve your goals.

Two Cantium employees working in the data centre on server maintenance.

Outsourced IT Support Services

Ensuring that your outsourced IT support services are continuing to deliver the best possible service for your citizens can be difficult. Bringing them back in-house isn’t always the best option. However, the Public Procurement Reform Bill will provide more flexibility to award contracts based upon factors that go beyond the price. This creates a simpler and more transparent system, placing value for money at its heart, generating social value and creating opportunities for contracting authorities and small businesses alike.

Our insight on public sector insourcing and outsourcing provides you with examples of how it’s being done across the country, and how you can become self-sufficient, while retaining control of the services that are costly, or resource intensive to perform in-house.

Cantium's Outsourced IT Stories

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