Our Values And Customer Commitment
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We aspire to answer your queries quickly and be responsive to your needs. We reduce your processing times and provide quick and compliant ways to purchase our services.
We keep your contracts up to date and relevant to new technologies, considering alternative ways of working and policy changes.



We work in partnership with your teams, ensuring that we are connected with your business, can operate as part of your organisation, and fully understand your needs and challenges to take advantage of technology innovations.



We are led by our customers and their feedback, and work in partnership with our customers to understand what’s working for them, and the challenges they are facing.



We believe that true power lies in using data and insight to make better decisions. By using our market insight, we enable our customers to experience cost-effective and innovative solutions.

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Cantium’s Customer Experience

Cantium is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We understand that our customers are important, and we want to exceed your expectations while providing great value for money.

Although we strive to be Fast, Connected, Customer-Led, and Insight Driven, our Customer Charter is how we bring our core principles to life. It is our promise to customers that ensures we are positioned to meet your ever-increasing expectations and enables us to measurably hold ourselves accountable for the experience that we deliver, whilst motivating us to continuously improve that experience.

Photograph of Cantium employee on a chair with a laptop, making a hand gesture during a meeting

Customer Charter

The Customer Charter has 4 key components:


How we aim to provide a better experience


Being a force for good that goes beyond monetary value


How we listen to you, and are pro-actively meeting your needs


Our customer commitment and ethos – the reason behind why we do what we do

Through our Account Management teams, we connect with you to gather direct feedback on how you believe we are performing against these promises. We also use our own measurements to hold ourselves accountable to our promises. The feedback and metrics that we gather are used to continually improve our service and create better customer experiences.

Meet the Team

Meet the team that sets and oversees the strategy, execution and operations at Cantium. The CEO, Executive Committee and Leadership Team.