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Cyber Security Insights for the Public Sector

We understand that identifying and onboarding the right cyber security experts can be difficult. Our insights explore how public sector organisations can achieve cyber resilience and ensure that solutions they put in place are right for the long-term – sharing our insights, knowledge and experience on how to manage cloud environments and proactively protect your networks, systems and data.

Alongside our Cyber Essentials Plus certification, Cantium provides Cyber Security services to the largest Local Authority in the UK and several educational establishments. We keep up to date with the latest developments in cyber security and provide you with insights from across the sector on how you can prevent security incidents, and best prepare your organisation for an attack.

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Accelerated Adoption of Cloud Technologies

Undoubtedly, the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years has prompted an accelerated adoption of cloud technologies. Services were spun up almost overnight, and they played an instrumental role in maintaining operational resilience and enabling public sector organisations to continue delivering vital frontline services to citizens. For many, the pandemic has been a catalyst for change and brought home the need for greater flexibility, scalability and a robust IT infrastructure.

Policies like the government’s ‘Cloud First’ approach have been key in enabling the public sector to embrace this recent period of accelerated digitalisation. The approach encourages the consideration of cloud solutions before any other option and is designed to reduce public sector spending on outdated IT and technology ecosystems. With the use of legacy technology comes vulnerabilities and a greater risk of being exploited by cyber criminals. Rather than spending valuable funds on hardware, software, licensing and renewal fees, organisations pay
the provider for what they use, when they need it.

Cost reduction is one of the main benefits of cloud environments, but organisations also gain much more with IT infrastructure that allows the workforce to be more flexible and gives organisations the ability to adapt to change. By using the cloud, services can be easily scaled to meet requirements, providing organisations with the ability to manage costs and meet rapidly changing demands.

Clearly, the promise of cloud is enormous, but even accelerated cloud migration projects need to be well thought out. Ultimately, organisations need to strike a balance between making the most of the efficiencies modern cloud-based environments bring whilst ensuring that the pace of uptake is never at the expense of security for users and above all else, the citizens they serve.

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