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UK Authority

Cantium support partners Kent County Council to standardise their technology onto Microsoft with the roll out of 9,000 Microsoft Surface devices.

Think Digital Partners

Cantium's Chief Technology Officer, James Young, looks at how local authorities can strengthen their digital defences and maintain public trust.


In this MIS overview, Debbie Rose, Education Systems Lead at Cantium, looks at AI’s role in school MIS', now and in the years to come.


James Young, Chief Technology Officer at Cantium, provides perspective on the challenges faced by local authorities and how they can enhance cyber security.

Education Briefing

Schools DPOs, Adam Halsey and Stacy Williams discuss how building the right culture help help schools foster continual improvement for compliance

Local Gov

James Young, Chief Technology Officer at Cantium, discusses how vulnerability management is key to managing cyber risk.

FE News

Mark Hodges, Education Sector Lead at Cantium, shares some advice to help schools revolutionise the learning experience.

Education Forum

With digital transformation no longer an option, what do schools need to consider for the journey?

FE News

Learn how the Data Protection Officer (DPO) can help schools make a long-lasting impactful cultural change to data privacy and security.

Teach Wire

How can data protection officers help schools stay on top of their data privacy and security responsibilities?

The Infotech Beat

Cantium announces collaboration with Tenable to enhance the security posture of local government entities and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

FE News

A look into how Cantium has partnered with a Kent Trust to support their digital transformation journey.

IT Security Wire

Cantium's new partnership with Tenable will enable local authorities to eliminate cyber security blind spots and prevent cyber-attacks.

SME Business News

Cantium partner with Tenable to support local authorities in the management of vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure.

Business Mondays

Cantium announce new partnership with exposure management experts, Tenable to help local authorities eliminate cyber security blind spots.

Education Briefing

A look into how Cantium have supported schools across Kent in providing a 21st century education.


A look at the EMPOWERCARE project which Cantium supported as part of an exploration into solving the digital eclusion challenge.

Public Sector Focus

Cantium's Mark Hodges explains how Cantium creates long-standing partnerships to support digital transformation in schools.

Think Digital Partners

Cantium rolls out digital inclusion project across Kent and Medway

Education Briefing

Cantium's Mark Hodges, Education Sector Lead at Cantium, looks at how schools can progress on the digital pathway, no matter where they are on the journey

Open Access Government

Mark Hodges, Cantium Education Sector Lead,, looks into how schools can drive forward on their digital pathway, no matter where they are in the journey.

Education Briefing

A look into why the Data Protection Officer role is so key in schools

Local Gov

For local authorities looking to develop digitally inclusive services, find out why co-production is key.

The MJ

This latest article explores how the EMPOWERCARE project has helped to drive digital inclusion in Kent.

FE News

Mark Hodges, Cantium Education Lead looks at how schools can create a strong digital culture.

Education Briefing

A look at how schools can cultivate the skills-based digital culture they need to succeed.

Local Gov

Mark Cobb, Marketing Director for Cantium tells us why this is the year councils look to business intelligence

Open Access Government

Find out how councils can help bridge the digital divide for elderly and vulnerable residents.

UK Authority

Gloucestershire Council signs Cantium for enterprise services.

Think Digital Partners

Gloucestershire County Council enlists Cantium Business Solutions for IT modernisation.

QA Education

Along with partners, SchoolVue, we explore how school leaders and teaching staff can look to harness data-driven decision making.

South East Connected

Cantium are delighted to announce Mark Cobb as Cantium's new CEO.


Market intelligence platform Tussell explore what the public sector cloud data service market looks like today.

Business Mondays

Cantium And SchoolVue Partner To Help Schools Unlock The Value Of Their Data

The MJ

By equipping the population with the skills, motivation, and trust to be digitally capable, local authorities can pave the way for digital inclusion.

Public Technology

Cantium's Graham Cutting explains why local authorities and their suppliers must connect the digitally excluded.

Think Digital Partners

Cantium rolls out digital inclusion project across Kent and Medway to increase access to vital services for vulnerable people.

Tech Market View

Cantium is delighted to support digital inclusion across Kent and Medway.

Education Today

We explore why in order for schools to protect themselves from cybercrime, the perception of the threat at hand needs to change.

FE News

Cantium's Mark Hodges explains why technology isn't enough to unlock education 4.0.

Business Mondays

New CISO deepens Cantium's commitment to cyber security.

Kent Online

Cantium are delighted to sponsor Kent Teacher of the Year Awards 2022

UK Tech News

Cantium and the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre partner to help schools close the cyber security skills gap.

North East Business Resilience Centre

Cantium's cyber survey reveals over 75% of UK headteachers believe they face an increased risk of cyber attack

FE News

We explore how mindset and awareness are key to preventing cyber attacks and to safeguarding staff and pupils


Cantium appoints Stephen Blouet as IT director to drive product-led strategy. 

Education Technology

Our latest survey reveals how almost 12,000 schools could fall victim to cybercrime this year.


Almost 12,000 UK schools could be vulnerable to cyber attacks this year, according to research commissioned by Cantium. 

Education Briefing

Mark Hodges, Education Sector Lead at Cantium discusses how School Information Management Systems (SIMS) can be migrated to the cloud - a cost effective way to achieve more flexibility.

Open Access Government

Gill Nye, Executive Head of HR at Cantium explores the effect Long Covid will have on the workplace, with a particular focus on occupational health provision. (Pages 57-59).