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Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Cantium’s managed SOC provides a complete range of protection services including monitoring, detection, digital forensic analysis, prevention and response to security incidents. We can provide consultancy, design, installation and support of Cyber Security Solutions and a responsive Security Operation Centre.

Cantium provides Cyber Security services to the largest Local Authority in the UK and several educational establishments. We provide an always-on service, including 24/7 IT Infrastructure monitoring detecting and responding to abnormal behaviours and the end to end management of security incidents.

Our Cyber Essentials Plus accredited cyber security professionals will support your organisation with piecing together a timeline of activities leading to security event, and the creation of a remediation plan. We provide in-depth visibility of risk to your environment as standard and work with you to create an acceptable level of risk, and implement solutions to help you achieve this.

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Cyber Security as a Service for the Public Sector

In our white paper, we explore how public sector organisations can achieve cyber resilience and ensure solutions are right for the long-term – sharing our insights, knowledge and experience on how to manage cloud environments and proactively protect your networks, systems and data. With comments from:

Justin Torgout, Director of the South East Cyber Resilience Centre

Mark Scott, CEO at Cantium Business Solutions

COVID and the accelerated adoption of cloud technologies

Exploring an accelerated adoption of cloud technologies, ‘Cloud First’ and the promise of cloud.

Cloud governance considerations

The challenges of the public sector, data governance and cloud spend.

Building secure cloud environments

how to build secure cloud environments, data classification and the zero-trust security model.

The role of human error in the threat landscape

Why humans are the weak point, remote workforce and how to successfully mitigate risk.

People, Process and Technology

How to balance each of the components and how cyber criminals will target your network.

Keeping your cloud secure

The layered security strategy, Table-top exercises, and Data location and Classification.

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Cyber Security Training

Cyber criminals are opportunistic by nature and familiar with the struggles that IT departments face. The weak point in any security chain is, more often than not, human. Organisations can build a thousand walls to protect their systems, but employees will always be the most significant risk.

Whether its people downloading a malware-infected attachment or failing to use a strong password, the more employees an organisation has, the higher their risk profile. The increase in remote working also highlights a greater risk: that individual departments or teams are trying to solve IT bottlenecks themselves.

Cantium provides, as standard, a comprehensive programme of Cyber Security training designed for a range of users including administrative, financial and managerial staff. Training can be provided at one of our training venues or onsite as required. We can also deliver bespoke sessions designed around individual requirements.

Exposure Management with Tenable One

Exposure management enables your organisation to understand cyber risk so you can make more effective business decisions. Built on the foundations of risk-based vulnerability management, exposure management takes a broader view across your modern attack surface, applying both technical and business context to more precisely identify and more accurately communicate cyber risk, enabling better business decisions.

By harnessing the power of the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform, organisations can gain visibility across the modern attack surface, focus efforts to prevent likely attacks and accurately communicate cyber risk to support optimal business performance.

The platform combines the broadest vulnerability coverage spanning IT assets, cloud resources, containers, web apps and identity systems, builds on the speed and breadth of vulnerability coverage from Tenable research and adds comprehensive analytics to prioritise actions and communicate cyber risk.

Cantium complements this solution with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and the expertise needed to help authorities respond quickly to incidents and resolve vulnerabilities.

Managing Exposure Management Platforms for Local Authorities.

Cantium's Threat & Vulnerability Manager talks on a Cantium webinar, in partnership with Tenable, about Cantium's experience of Managing Exposure Management Platforms for local authorities.

We show vulnerability remediation trend per total severity and how we decreased this, including a comparison of using Nessus vs Tenable, which resulted in 80% time savings on admin & reporting. Plus details on how we are delivering PSN adherence, PSN Audit RAP (Remediation Action Plans) and ensuring certification is awarded at first attempt due to utilising Tenable products. We also discuss ServiceNow ITSM Integration and how this helps to track & remediate.

IT Security for Schools

We appreciate that schools are particularly vulnerable to security breaches and are often seen as a target for cyber criminals, with several blind spots in information security and lack of access to cyber security experts. The Department for Education (DfE) have provided schools with assistance and guidance on accreditations and frameworks that they should work to. However, it remains the responsibility for schools, academies and trusts to manage their IT and cyber security themselves.

Therefore, Cantium has created a partnership with the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC) to increase cyber resilience across the region, including schools. In partnership, we have created ‘Security as a Service for Schools’ (SaaSfS), which is a complete solution of tools and services to help schools along their journey to meet the DfE’s mandate, and continue to combat cyber crime.

The ECRC is a non-profit organisation, while Cantium recycles its profits back into front-line public services.

Cantium creates a partnership with your school to understand where you are now, and where you want to be. Our roadmap starts with cyber awareness training, e-learning, and building a cyber security strategy that is specific to your school. We can then support your school on your journey with vulnerability assessments, training, accreditation, coaching and documentation. Our support extends to preventing incidents at your school with business continuity, remote backup and disaster recovery services. We will continue to work in partnership with you and your teams via continuous audits, training and protective-cloud services.

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