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Cloud Transformation in the Public Sector

From Schools and Academies to Local Authorities, organisations across the public sector are turning to cloud when it comes to digital transformation. This dedicated Cloud insights page provides you with information on zero trust security models and cloud environments, to public cloud and private cloud.

When it comes to cloud hosting, we’re seeing how several organisations across the public sector find private cloud too expensive. However, public cloud environments are an option, dependent on your risk appetite and the data stored within them. This means that the cost of your cloud transformation can be lowered, if assessed properly.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft services, such as Microsoft 365, are often forming the basis of an organisation’s cloud infrastructure. Another common theme we have seen is how ‘Cloud-First’, has become a ‘Cloud-Only’ mindset. While the cloud can handle a multitude of tasks, many businesses still rely on on-premises infrastructure to perform various functions. Switching all those functions to the cloud may be more cost-efficient, but they can sometimes be less productive.

Before moving to the cloud, public sector bodies will need to conduct a thorough audit of their existing infrastructure, analysing where cloud solutions can provide the most significant cost savings. However, adopting cloud technologies safely should be at the top of the priority list. Our insight into cloud focuses on the top three concerns that are slowing cloud adoption:

  • Cost and Affordability
  • Security Concerns
  • Skills and Capabilities

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