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Photograph of two desktop monitors, one showing an analytics dashboard.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Insights

Cantium’s insights on business intelligence and analytics are based upon our research and first-hand experiences working with organisations across the public sector. From schools to local authorities, Cantium works with teams of all shapes and sizes that are using their data, analytics and insight to create better services and solutions. Your data and analytics have the power to increase revenue, reduce costs and minimise risk throughout your business.

Photograph of a Cantium employee in a blue shirt and glasses, sat behind computer screens while working on analytics.

What is Business Intelligence

Business intelligence, business analytics and data analytics are terms used to describe data management and ways of utilising the data to improve business processes. Business intelligence focuses on the process of collecting, storing and analysing data obtained through your everyday interactions with customers and clients.

Business and data analytics take this a step further, and use your data to make better and more informed decisions. Whether it’s interrogating your data to find insights, trends and predictions, or working to apply what you’ve learned into your business processes, business intelligence and analytics enable your organisation to transform for the better.

Who We Are

Working with Cantium means that public funds continue to support front-line public services. We believe in profit for a purpose and giving back to services that support our communities