Kent & Medway Care Record: Making A Difference To NHS Staff
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How Can Health and Social Care Data Be Seamlessly Brought Together to Offer a Single View of Each and Every Patient?

Cantium Business Solutions are leading the delivery of a significant transformational change for the health and social care system in Kent and Medway, enabling health and social care professionals to access a shared data record of individuals requiring care or treatment.

The Challenge

In Kent and Medway, patient records are held separately by numerous health and care providers. Clinicians need to see the full range of records in order to provide high quality care with successful outcomes when treating their patients.  Drawing the required data from many sources like this can cause inefficiencies and delays in patients receiving treatment, transfers of care and hospital discharge. It also limits the control patients have over their own information and the self-management of their own conditions and care.

Part of the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) is a vision to bring together these numerous records into one single shared record – the Kent & Medway Care Record (KMCR). The KMCR is needed to provide health and care professionals with a single view of their patient’s electronic records whilst also enabling patients and service users to view their own data. The benefits are numerous –  including better co-ordination of care, improved clinical decision-making, faster and more efficient hospital discharge and transfers of care, and more successful outcomes for patients. As integrated care is increasingly delivered by multi-disciplinary teams, it is vitally important that they understand each other’s interactions with their patients in real time.

The KMCR is required to provide the essential infrastructure for integrated care through frictionless patient data-sharing, and as a key enabler for other projects within the STP workstream.

Diagram showing how the Kent & Medway Care Record links Secondary Care, Mental Health Services, Primary Care, Community Services, Social Care and Specialist Services.

The Result

Over the past 18 months, Cantium Business Solutions have been defining the specifications for the KMCR solution, with input from clinical and health care professionals from numerous providers throughout Kent, as well as from patients and the public. By combining this input together with our public sector knowledge and experience in the NHS, we’ve successfully completed the first two of three phases of the project and are awaiting the start of the final stage, which will see the KMCR through to its implementation.

Shared Care Records are a crucial part of digital transformation of the NHS and have been mandated by Central Government. Increasingly, NHS Trusts around the UK will need to evaluate how they harness their patient data into a single system. Cantium Business Solutions are proud to be leading the way in this vitally important transformation of the NHS.

Susan Acott – Chief Executive, East Kent Hospitals NHS

“What [Cantium] have done is not only deliver assistance with the technical aspects, but they’ve been very proactive in thinking about how we’re going to get a decision made and how we’re going to get a range of organisations on board. I feel like I’ve been talking to somebody who delivers this particular project every week of their life.  I’ve felt [Cantium] are extremely knowledgeable.”

The services we provide are largely based on talking to our customers to understand the challenges and the issues that they face within their business area.
- Steve Whiting, Commercial Director, Cantium Business Solutions


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