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In a world increasingly shaped by technology, where benefit and risk go hand in hand, cyber threats continue to grow in scale and complexity, presenting a formidable challenge across the public sector. Cantium’s recent designation as a Tenable Assure Silver Partner reflects our commitment to helping our customers proactively reduce risk and build cyber resilience.

What is a Tenable Assure™ Silver Partner?

Tenable, a global leader in the development of cyber security exposure management products, has adopted a partner-driven business model that recognises the expertise and capabilities of its partners in delivering effective cyber security solutions.

Partners collaborate with Tenable to roll out products and services that help organisations to see, predict and act to address their cyber exposure, translating raw security data into metrics-driven insights that can inform business decisions.

Silver partners, like Cantium, are those partners that Tenable considers to be adept in designing and installing Tenable solutions, often specialising in a specific area. In Cantium’s case, this means pairing our expertise in exposure management with the comprehensive capabilities of the Tenable One platform to help our customers gain a holistic view of their attack surface and proactively manage vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure.

Learn more about exposure management here.

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Why Being a Tenable Partner Matters

In 2023, we witnessed numerous cyber attacks targeting the public sector, ranging from ransomware attacks on government services to data breaches in educational institutions and healthcare systems. Recognising the need to support public sector organisations in transforming their security models, Cantium partnered with Tenable to unlock industry-leading vulnerability management technologies and support for our customers through the Assure partner programme.

Designed for security technology resellers, managed service providers and distributors, the programme equips partners, like Cantium, with cyber security industry and product knowledge that give us the edge when it comes to solving customer problems.

Grant Barnes, Threat & Vulnerability Manager – ICT Operations at Cantium, commented:

“Attaining Silver Partner status is a significant achievement for Cantium; it solidifies our position as a leading provider of cyber security services to the public sector and serves as proof of our continued commitment to assisting our customers in understanding, prioritising and mitigating vulnerabilities to reduce cyber exposure risk.”

Learn more about the key capabilities and benefits of Tenable One here.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Tenable Assure Partner?

Cost Saving

Through our partnership with Tenable, Cantium is able to make industry-leading vulnerability management technology available at competitive rates, passing on the pricing discounts we receive to our customers.

In addition to our Silver Partner status, we are recognised by Tenable as being a Local Authority expert which unlocks further discounts for local authorities. We are also able to respond to the cybersecurity needs of the charity sector with exclusive offers for charity organisations.

Expert Guidance and Support

As part of the Assure programme, Cantium receives specialist training and certification that enables us to partner with organisations to ensure they can implement, onboard and support the Tenable One Exposure Management platform. We also have direct access to Tenable’s engineering team and can lean on their expertise and quick response times to help us address customer problems. Additionally, we have a view of the Tenable product roadmap, which means we can ensure that our customers are well-positioned to benefit from new features.

Hands-On Experience

When you work with Cantium, you benefit from our experience in delivering comprehensive cybersecurity services for the public sector — experience that has equipped us to help organisations solve their most pressing security challenges and not just to identify them. We supplement the power of the Tenable One platform to bring the entire attack surface into a single view with knowledge and insight gained through years of hands-on experience to ensure our customers know how to respond to incidents quickly and resolve vulnerabilities as they are identified.

Tenable and Beyond

When shifting from a reactive to a proactive, risk-based cyber model, you need access to a wide range of technologies and solutions that can enhance your security practices and better protect your organisation. In addition to providing licencing and solutions for the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform, Cantium provides a complete range of cyber security services for the public sector, including 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, detecting and responding to abnormal behaviours and the end-to-end management of security incidents. We work in partnership with your organisation to understand your priorities and processes and then customise our approach to deliver the support you need.

If you would like to find out more about how Cantium, in partnership with Tenable, can help reduce your organisation’s risk exposure and boost your cyber security posture, please get in touch.